Me and You and Everyone We Know

Me and You and Everyone We Know

The feature film debut by artist Miranda July about a various comic situations and plots that intertwine. One story line is about a father who is ending his marriage and the other story is of a video artist (possibly autobiographical of Miranda July, also played by her) who is desperately trying to get her work in a modern art museum. The film won Caméra d'Or at Cannes.

A lonely shoe salesman and an eccentric performance artist struggle to connect in this unique take on contemporary life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cy K (nl) wrote: Imperfect, but interesting with some funny and sad moments. One of the film's highlights is the pep talk the filmmaker's mother gives him when he has doubts about the project.

Alex H (nl) wrote: Altman makes great use of an eclectic cast, I love the sense of humor, and the self-referentiality is a bit more subtle than in most movies of this kind. It's a bit of a downer, but so is Hollywood, which is the point, so there ya go.

Alex P (it) wrote: bit of a insensible/silly plot.. but enjoyable romantic movie...Hanshika was sweet n lovable.. n good choreography:)

Sonal N (kr) wrote: I wonder how Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone still manage to get film offers. Is 'single-expression' acting the next big thing? Coz honestly that's the only thing I saw in the movie.

Michele P (gb) wrote: Joaquin Phoenix un buon attore..qui incredibilmente goffo e aggrappato alla vita. Alcuni aspetti del suo personaggio (focale nel film) non sono approfonditi: quasi come se il regista se ne fosse scordato. Alcuni dialoghi lasciano a desiderare e Vinessa Shaw pi che altro bella.

Bruce B (it) wrote: I've seen about a squillion movies (yes, that's because I'm old), and this was one of the better ones of this genre. As heist movies go this was better than Heat & the updated Italian Job. Probably not as good as The Sting or, even, Ocean's 11, but hey; few will be. I would place it on par with Ronin, I think. You just had to get used to seeing the African American actors in the leading roles opposite Matt Dillon. Since I'm of that demographic, it wasn't too hard for me. I didn't even mind the shaky camera work, Chris Brown, or T.I.'s acting that much. It was novel to see two fly brothers get such big roles. I thought they did rather well. Did you ever see Keanu Reeves in anything? T.I. & Brown were better that Keanu hands down. And who knew Chris Brown could run a parkour route? He carried that off rather well, I thought. Even young Vader did a good job. This flick is pretty much a pastiche of other heist movies, but lets face it; if you're going to rip off other people's work then at least do a decent job, right? Mission accomplished. I hope Idris Elba and Paul Walker do a sequel. Elba and Walker worked well together and Elba has true leading man charisma. Certainly more than Keanu, Tom Cruise, Michael Madsen, or Sylvester Stallone; all of whom still get leading roles for some reason. 4 Stars 3-22-14

Matt K (ag) wrote: As a subject for film doc, five out of five stars. Darger is fascinating. As a doc, only three because the treatment is laborious, episodic and revealing without being compelling. A minor criticism: despite his vast creativity, his writing seemed amateurish. I wish this was a better movie.

Victor M (kr) wrote: A BBC Film that I strongly recommend.Could the future be like that?

Adam R (br) wrote: I've seen it a few times, but it never truly wins me over. Sweet Home Alabama is your typical romantic comedy. It is enjoyable enough, but there is nothing special or unique about it. (First viewing - Teen years)

Frances H (us) wrote: This is the first flick with Paul Giamotti in it that I didn't like. The stories involved such pathetic characters that I just couldn't feel any sympathy for anyone. Their lives are in a muddle because they make wrong decisions every time. You don't feel sorry for them--you just want to give them a good slap and yell them to pull themselves together and get on with life.

Muktashif D (jp) wrote: Very dynamic,fast paced....gripping storyline...loved the was awesome too....

Gustavo B (ru) wrote: Antonioni at its best!!!

Pascal V (jp) wrote: beaucoup aim (C) cette histoire de jeunes gens qui aiment chacune la mauvaise personne dans le contexte historique du d (C)but de la deuxime guerre mondiale

Neil O (de) wrote: A film which was a cornerstone of the genre in a number of crucial areas, firstly it was the first British film to venture into the theme of alien invasion and secondly it was Hammer's first international hit. Director Val Guest creates some beautifully eerie, unsettling scenes, whilst Richard Wordsworth gives a performance as capable as Boris Karloff's in the 1931 version of Frankenstein. Brian Donlevy has recieved a lot of criticism for his performance