Mean Frank and Crazy Tony

Mean Frank and Crazy Tony

There's trouble in Frankie Diomede's criminal empire in Genoa. A French gangster has moved into his territory, so he flies home to take care of business. He promptly has himself arrested so that he'll have the perfect alibi when the bodies start piling up. But it turns out his enemies have enough juice to keep him in prison, his associates start dying and the attempts on his life start. Cue Tony Breda, a wannabe wiseguy, who has a plan to spring Frankie from jail.

This is a buddy film with a small-time thug (Victor Lobianco) meeting a high-profile gangster (Lee Van Cleef) while in prison. The pair team up to attempt a prison breakout. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mean Frank and Crazy Tony torrent reviews

Orlok W (ag) wrote: Neo Western Thrill Ride--Embarrassing Fun!!

Amanda M (ca) wrote: It's not the strong cinematic experience that critics want but is it just a good time of cute, fun romance? Yeah, it is. The lead couple is adorable and the locations are pretty. If you're looking for a rom-com to enjoy on a Friday night this isn't that bad of a film to spend your time on.

Claudette A (es) wrote: It was an alright movie but a bit corny. Is this supposed to be an adult movie or a movie for teenagers? I couldn't quite work out who it's marketed too.

James L (jp) wrote: Well paced, and I actually learnt something, insightful is the word!!

Bryan L (ru) wrote: this movie is about closure and to tie up all the loose ends. a very sweet movie with the staple storyline of the lead actress dying of cancer and leaving the guy to face the pain of losing someone to death.

Ted W (jp) wrote: I am shocked at how much I enjoyed this piece of nonsense. The sense of humor was wonderfully dark, having Tony Todd, Mr. Candyman himself, in a wonderfully dark cameo, naming characters after greats of horror cinema past and having the most elaborate and amusing death scenes in recent memory. I can't wait to watch the other 4.

Hvard P (it) wrote: OK entertainment, but it steals alot from "The defiant ones".

Dana D (au) wrote: I don't know how THIS got into my saved UV cache. I HATE Mike Myers. He's not funny to me.

MariePier D (gb) wrote: That is SO good! Totally crazy funny, and I can watch figure skating without feeling guilty, haha!

Paul F (mx) wrote: Close to flawless in my humble opinion

Andrew S (jp) wrote: A guilty pleasure movie to the max.