Mean Guns

Mean Guns

One hundred mid- and low-level gangsters who are on their boss' bad side are locked inside a newly-built high-security prison, and given plenty of guns, ammo, and baseball bats, then told that the last survivor will get a suitcase with 10 million dollars.

A mob boss brings all of his enemies into a deadly game: all are sent into a high security prison, given guns, and powder, and ammo, with only one goal to achieve: killing each other until three are three left. Who will be the last three survivors? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(us) wrote: The cover for this makes it look really interesting... but unfortunatly it's not. Thre are a lot of good Australian films out there but this just isn't one. It is very slow drama that just dosn't seem to be able to hold the viewers interest.

Mark H (ca) wrote: Marty puts on the screen what is found in many small towns throughout the United States. Living in a town of 30,000 I have heard stories and been a part of this movie's story. There are real people dealing with life and the characters are believable and the music and soundtrack fit very well. If you do not "feel" during this film, then you have no feelings anyway ;) Take the time and make the effort to find this playing somewhere near you.

Rob S (jp) wrote: Michael Shannon. Michael Shannon. MICHAEL SHANNON!!! It is true that one performance can make a film. Take Shelter is hauntingly good. Good story, good direction, good supporting players. Some may find it to drag, but there is a plethora of subtext going on. What makes this film so much better than just good is the performance of Michael Shannon. He deserves every accolade he gets!! I couldn't take my eyes off of him throughout the entire film. Just perfect!!


Dan W (au) wrote: This was a slow, fairly comfortable ride all the way through. Enjoyable without being particularly exciting or poigniant. Some good performances though.

Logan M (it) wrote: The plot is busy and frantically paced, but it's also abundantly full of contrived, yet inspired wackiness.

Daniel G (us) wrote: I use to love watching this movie when it came out. Almost 10 years later it's not bad...but it doesn't age well.

Alex D (ru) wrote: i hate art school kids. if it's a parody i wanna see it, if not then it sounds preachy.

Stella D (mx) wrote: lazaro ramos was fantastic as the kickass carnival queen. a really passionate, energetic and colorful film yet not at all what you'd expect from a transvestite's biopic

Miguel R (au) wrote: A simple premise with a boring result made Panic Room a below average thriller

Claudette A (au) wrote: A good relationship story that kept my interest throughout the film. I think it was because of Sarandon's character.

Michael M (jp) wrote: Falls firmly into the category of so bad it's good.

Phil H (jp) wrote: Another British horror anthology with a slightly silly title methinks. This time nothing to do with the 'Tales from the Crypt' franchise but a stand alone set of shorts which was made before in 67. The director obviously made a good job of this anthology as he was used again to direct the first 'Tales' film, possibly taking many influences with him.The frame/wrap plot for this horror sees a group of five people enter into a horror house or sideshow of sorts in a funfair. The 'show' is run by 'Dr Diabolo' and he offers all the visitors the chance to experience real terror if they pay extra, they do...I wouldn't have. One by one they are all given the chance to glimpse into their own futures or fates at the shears of Atropos, a strangely real looking statue (which no one seems to question) of a Greek deity. From here we are given four (yes four) short tales of terror. The first has a young man letting his seemingly rich uncle die so he can find the old man's money. He searches the old house only to be brainwashed or fall under the spell of an evil cat that he finds. Second tale tells of a young woman breaking into Hollywood only to discover the secret of all the stars youthful appearances, they are all robots.The third tale is about a man and his grand piano. The grand piano is possessed and becomes jealous of its owners new love, so it takes its revenge on her. The last tale is about two Edgar Allan Poe collectors, one that wants bits of the others marvellous collection. In the end his greed sees him killing his fellow collector and having to deal with the devil and Poe himself.Its yet another British horror (we did them so well back then) so again we have some good casting but this time there is also an international flavour. This anthology offers you the talents of Palance, Burgess Meredith, Michael Bryant and again the horror legend Peter Cushing.I did like this anthology better than the first 'Tales' film. The main 'keeper' type role played by Meredith makes all the difference here. His sinister all teeth, razor sharp, Joker-like grin and villainous voice are perfect for these kind of Hammer-esque films. Then you have Jack Palance and his gleaming slit like eyes, his facial movements and sneering expressions. I always thought Palance was like that due to his age but it seems he's always been creepy.The thing that lets this down is the range of short stories it offers. One I liked which involved the major stars of Hollywood becoming robotic inside to remain young, a fun little sci-fi 'Westworld' type plot there. The others are poor really, the killer grand piano? really?, a man possessed by a black cat and the two Poe collectors. All pretty lame really, not exactly creepy scary or even fun, just dull and idiotic in the case of the grand piano.It looks good visually, again better than the first 'Tales' in my opinion but can't beat 'Vault of Horror'. The only two things I liked about this film were Meredith and Palance, Meredith especially in his post 'Penguin-like' outfits clearly making the most of that older winning role. Was cool to see Palance go up against Cushing too, epic double team there folks.A good anthology which is well worth the watch if you like these kind of films, the casting is best but the stories lack punch. I think I've repeated that a few times in this review now, you get the idea then eh.

Anna L (fr) wrote: God, that was heartbreaking.

Lovro H (ca) wrote: For a very large portion, this movie is very disturbing, realistic and scary. But, the ending ruins the movie, as it falls into the generic/basic found-footage ending. The movie's story is quite interesting and holds a lot of promise. It reminded me a lot of the Safe Haven short from V/H/S 2. So, two people go to the 'headquarters' of one doomsday cult which believes that the world will end very soon. We are then treated with a few 'normal' days of the cult, but the closer it is to the end, the more we find out about the cult and how messed up it actually is! There are some really frightening scenes in this movie. Most of the creepy scenes are with Michael. Michael is, what his followers believe, God. He leads them. David Macrae did an amazing job with this character. He is very disturbing when on-screen. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the rest of the characters. Most of the cult followers aren't really the best of actors, nor are they as interesting. There are no jump-scares in this movie, it's all just atmosphere and sounds. The movie builds up to something shocking, but really dumb. The ending dissapointed me a lot. I won't spoil it. All in all, a good found-footage horror movie that is actually scary.

Maria B (es) wrote: Exactly what I thought it would be. A feel-good movie about underdogs in Indian Country who play Lacrosse. Loved the game-action scenes.

Gavin P (es) wrote: A mediocre attempt at a British rom-com. Josh (Spall) & Nat (Byrne) get married after a 7-month romance, and then it all slowly falls apart - turns out both of them have serious flaws (der!). Merchant definitely needed more screen time if this was to be funnier - he has some great awkward moments. Faris is good as the foregone conclusion and Baker's OK. It's all a bit obvious and nowhere near as funny as it could've been.

Colin D (es) wrote: Like the actors and the script and the story.

Margot M (br) wrote: I loved it!! I also enjoyed beautiful creatures so if fantasy and witchcraft are not your thing, don't bother!