Mean Streets

Mean Streets

A small-time hood must choose from among love, friendship and the chance to rise within the mob.

The movie portrays an intimate picture of the trivial incidents an intimate picture of the trivial incidents and latent violence in the world of Charlie - is a young Italian-American man and Johnny Boy. A small-time hood struggles to succeed on the "mean streets" of Little Italy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mean Streets torrent reviews

Carol G (ru) wrote: I can't believe this movie had a remake. The characters were shallow, vacuous and uninteresting. There is almost no plot. I think some executive head said, "Hey, let's make a male version of Flash Dance," and everyone just nodded.

Golia K (jp) wrote: It's all too aptly named.

Navendu M (ca) wrote: Star studded cast, but not really that good a story. Action packed though.

Jason S (gb) wrote: A solid horror comedy with some laughs and a premise that I didn't really see coming. There are still new films to be made

Julio K (au) wrote: Un ciudadano ejemplar, inspector de la policia asesina a su esposa y deja muchos rastros para ver si alguien sospecha de el y lo investiga. Fascinante.

Jaclyn L (au) wrote: A beautiful, passionate film. Gino is like so many people, torn between absolute freedom and love. Makes me want to go to Italy....

Ringo E (ca) wrote: Cheap special effects and laughable monsters but still very entertaining.

Chris S (kr) wrote: Some of the transformation of parker into spiderman were done well, showing his learning curve as a more accurate one, however this gets confused as the film goes on. Hes he now an expert or is he still learning.I felt like all of the actors were forcing there lines and things just happened for happening sake to move the script on to the good bits. It felt rushed, "ok lets have the uncle ben scene and theft scene" none of it seemed to gel together. the lizard is basically another green goblin character but not executed as well, and looks more like the koopas in mario from the bob hoskins flick. Constantly questioned why the characters were doing the things they were doing.Never really connected with any of it, the police sergeant seemed the most solid of the characters.