A working-class family in London's East End is struggling to stay afloat during the recession under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's premiership. Only the mother Mavis is working; father Frank and the couple's two sons Colin, a timid, chronically shy individual and Mark, an outspoken, headstrong young man, are on the dole. This situation is contrasted by the presence of Mavis's sister Barbara, and her husband John, whose financial and social loftiness appears to be a comfortable facade over the unspoken soreness of a lackluster marriage.

An odd film, primarily looking at how the dole affects the underclass in Britain. Tim Roth stars as Colin, a slow and possibly retarded man living with his parents and brother in a housing ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve V (es) wrote: Great story telling!

MaryAnna S (gb) wrote: sad but great movie atthe same time

Austin F (jp) wrote: 63% Click is not Adam Sandlers funniest film, and ruins its heartwarming themes and messages by incorporating toilet humor and bad sex jokes.

Kirsty W (br) wrote: Really heart warming - i imagined this could become quite boring but it didn't at all. Some great characters and great directing.

Mish R (us) wrote: Quite cheeze. Loved it though.

Anthony C (ru) wrote: Really poorly made but very fun to watch. If you like bad gore movies then this is for you

Dylan G (fr) wrote: With a sharp sense of storytelling, and a twisted sense of humor, this is one of the best of the horror genre! A+

Jamyn C (au) wrote: Whiny little animal rights airhead forces beloved pet to go 'back to the wild' to die a short violent life cause she can't adapt. Seems the lioness was a lot happier when she was a pet. Sequel is Elsa's orphaned cubs being carted off to a wildlife preserve. Frankly people have a all too romantic idea of what living in the wild is like.

John T (gb) wrote: Ice-T has to be the worst actor ever! Or at least up there. This was not good at all, but one of the most entertaining "bad films" out there. It's just a bunch of people shooting eachother... that's it. Think Shoot 'em up, and you'll have an idea what to expect.

Nicolas B (mx) wrote: I don't know why exactly, but this movie was hella fascinating. Maybe because I like movies about serial killers and this one was beautifully shot.

Bengel W (br) wrote: Charlie, as always dances across the screen with modern music as a compliment. A funny story that will encourage laughter, even at the end with the outtakes. You can tell that a movie is good when the actors and production are having fun. Nibbles: Chinese Take-away.

Tony D (es) wrote: Nice, but mostly foreseeable plot twists

Jason A (ag) wrote: Absolutely riveting. In the minefield scene you can't breathe; intense is a gross understatement. Well done.