Measures to Better the World

Measures to Better the World


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Freddy Krueger H (fr) wrote: stylistically strange but undeniably fun. I would recommend it to those looking for something "different" in the action genre.

Augustine H (au) wrote: A weird adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe.

Auli H (nl) wrote: A strong health argument for vegetarian diet and against eating animal protein and processed food.

Robin v (ca) wrote: adored the book and the movie was a rare one that did its mama proud. there are probably bits a viewer misses without the background and all the thoughts of Ren (C)e, but for the most part, it tells the same story.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: Right in the round tables.Mystery Incorporated has suffered several public black eyes. They were separated but decide to get back together. While broken up, some insecurities form within the group. As a masked villain with a set of masked helpers arrive in Coolsville, Mystery Incorporated jump back into action in hopes of finding their swagger and stopping the invaders."Who do you think you are?""Scooby Dooby Doo!"Raja Cosnell, director of Home 3, Never Been Kissed, Big Momma's House, The Smurfs 1 & 2, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua, delivers Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. The storyline for this picture is terrible and as you'd expect. The animation/special effects are pretty good. The cast delivers relatively entertaining performances Freddie Prinze Jr, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Seth Green, and Peter Boyle."Why can't we investigate a Burger King?"I grabbed this for the holiday season off HBOGO to watch with my daughter. It was okay and worth viewing because my daughter giggled throughout; however, I can't say it's a classic or worth purchasing. It is only worth viewing once in awhile when it replays on cable."Mystery is my mistress."Grade: D

Oscar T (mx) wrote: "It does not matter how you meet Mr or Ms. The Real mystery is: What keep two people together after they meet?"This is not the typical hollywood ridicolous comedy, this is a brilliant and original comedy film, Brad Anderson did an amazing job with this indie movie, the script is so surprising and the direction is great, too bad is a low budget film because it could be a huge succes. Hope Davis has a charming character. Next Stop Wonderland is about fate.

Jesse J (ag) wrote: Oh how I like Juaquin.

Adam A (br) wrote: "Gremlins" come of as both a creepy yet cute charming and evil flick in pure 80s nostalgia setting.

Nick B (nl) wrote: I can see why this was scary in the 50's, but it's not gonna scare anyone today, also some of the actors are just awful, but all in all it's some great shitty 50's B movie fun, watch it with your friends and just riff on it.

Martin L (nl) wrote: Excellent in every regard! If you liked Stalag 17 or Judgment at Nuremberg - you will enjoy this story. I have no idea why this Oscar nominated film for Best Picture - just a wonderful piece of filmmaking - is not so much talked about these days. This is directed by the director of The Snake Pit, one of first (and possibly best) movies concerning mental illness.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: Simply put, this is the "Empire Strikes Back" of the "Apes" franchise. There are strong characters filling every scene; genuine drama, fantastic performances, gorgeous visual effects, exciting action, and sure-handed direction from Matthew Vaughn. This is a truly spectacular film.

Javier S (es) wrote: Una historia violenta y cruda del universo de ironman que continua la tradicion de marvel de manejar las novelas graficas mas quebradoras del mito en peliculas animadas qui esta mas o menos bien manejada pero el hecho de que es una historia violentisima manejada con un modo de animacion de caricatura sabatina te saca de onde momentanemamente

Sausages M (mx) wrote: Interesting Woody tribute to ancient cinema works quite well, but can drag a bit. Amazing the amount of star turns- even Madonna shows up, and amazingly, doesn't suck too badly (probably because she plays a slut), but the plot keeps getting lost and it takes a startlingly long time to actually start making sense. Strangely, the most convincing character is Mia Farrow's sword-swallower, although she is very much Mia as usual. Woody plays himself, again. But I did largely enjoy it even if it got lost in its own symbolism a bit too much.