A small group of Wikileaks journalists make their way through Central Asia interviewing newspaper editors. Their real goal: to find local media outlets to publish secret US diplomatic cables. This intelligent, guerrilla-style doc follows their fascinating journey from Afghanistan to Manhattan, through the boundaries of free speech and the minds of those who shape our understanding of the world.

The bleak, mountainous terrain and quiet, lonely roads set the tone for this compelling venture into the heart of 'the Stans'. The first stop is Asia Plus, a newspaper in Tajikistan. "If we... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alfred A (fr) wrote: Awesome movie ! A must watch ..the story line is simply fantastic, money stands no where before love, family and affection ! Good one !

Johnny R (us) wrote: Good movie!! It is a lot of fun and sweet!! The skate scenes were pretty cool!!

bloodywhitetrap (fr) wrote: speak is a showtime indie movie starring Kristen Stewart about a girl living her life as a freshmen in high school like nothing is wrong despite being raped over the summer by a senior this movie is great because we see the pain in her and she doesn't even need to say anything this is a journey into the mind of a traumatized teen girl and as time goes on she finds the courage to "speak" I think this is a great film a great role for kristens form of acting granted it can get into dark places but this movie represents that despite the dark you can find the light

Jason S (gb) wrote: its a great 80's movie the dancing part was kindof cheesey in a way however

Madeline M (it) wrote: It was weird, but not weird enough.

Joel A (nl) wrote: A hilariously bad Christmas Film that defies any logic or reason. Martians are concerned their children aren't having fun so they decide to kidnap Santa Claus.The plot & performances are delightfully awful & it's one of those fun bad films. The sets are ridiculous & you found yourself giggling regularly.This film is just simply entertainment & you need to appreciate for what it is. The actor playing Santa is a little strange though keep him away from the kids.

Bum D (nl) wrote: Bergman's one truly bad movie, out of all i've seen. it has it's interesting kind of local authenticity side, but her character is just intolerable.

Isaiah H (gb) wrote: One of the best zombie films!!!

Rider F (de) wrote: a very emotional and tender film

Bruno V (fr) wrote: Lovely Adventure Comedy that doesn't bores for a minute ! SOMDVD

BRUNO V (us) wrote: Good enough for me !