Medicine Man

Medicine Man

An eccentric scientist working for a large drug company is working on a research project in the Amazon jungle. He sends for a research assistant and a gas chromatograph because he's close to a cure for cancer. When the assistant turns out to be a "mere woman," he rejects her help. Meanwhile the bulldozers get closer to the area in which they are conducting research, and they eventually learn to work together, and begin falling in love.

After his wife and research partner abandon him, Dr. Robert Campbell, a reclusive research scientist, lives with a Brazilian native tribe and considers the forest as his living laboratory. He's close to a cure for cancer, so he sends for a research assistant but refuses the help right away when knowing that is a woman. But along the way, they learn how to help and love each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jarrad b (ag) wrote: An interesting movie that uses the vampire curse in an interesting and unique way. A great watch.

Jeff D (es) wrote: Take Conan the Barbarian, Bill & Ted and Mr. Nanny, put them into a blender, add a drop of homoerotism, mix and you get a great movie to watch under the influence of marijuana. .

Marie D (gb) wrote: This movie deserves a higher rating

Archibald T (nl) wrote: One night a meteor crash lands to Earth. It lands in the desert near the fictitious town of San Angelo. When it crashed it broke into pieces. Many, many broken shards of black rock scattered all over. If it's one thing you always learn from science fiction, never mess with a meteor that has fallen from space. You never know where it came from. Could be from Mars? Jupiter, perhaps? The opening monologue explains how regular old meteors just hit Earth. Sometimes they disintegrates on impact, but every once in a while one will hit the planet.The next day, a local geologist, Ben, shows up in the desert and takes a piece of the black rock back to his laboratory for research. The head of the laboratory, Dave, then shows up the following day to discover that his colleague has turned to stone. Even the laboratory is full of shards of black rock. Somehow the rock had multiplied and also drained Ben of a vital source known as silicone. It's later discovered that the best way to combat this is by inserting Saline Solution into anyone who is experiencing frozen limbs or is about to be turned to stone.Unlike some science fiction where a meteor means an impending invasion (War of the Worlds), this one has no alien being or creature of any kind. This was very different because it relied on an organism that has struck the Earth and is now trying to adapt to it's new environment.As a short investigation of the crash site takes place, Dave and newspaper man Martin try to piece together the how when it comes to why it multiplies. The sudden revelation comes too late unfortunately when it's discovered that it's water causing it to grow into giant crystals. Sucks that in this moment of truth brings sudden fear when a storm brews outside only making matters much, much worse.The special effects, which were by Clifford Stein (known for King Kong), were scary in a sense. The first frame of the giant crystals were slightly jaw dropping. Because you have to remember these things grow at a rapid rate when water touches it. So just think if it rained for a very long time what it could do to the entire world! It would look like Krypton with all those jagged shards of giant crystals protruding upward from the Earth. The only thing that was a slight rip off would be the opening monologue scene which must've been inspired from War of the Worlds (1953). Jack Arnold, who was behind 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon', penned the story to this little film. It's almost exactly like 'Tarantula' except it's giant crystals instead of a giant spider.Unlike alien beings from other planets, this one had a more plausible idea and you have to give it credit for trying something different in the sci/fi genre.

Riccardo R (mx) wrote: Tutto sommato un buon lavoro e il bilanciamento tra la parte puramente comica e quella un po' pi seria mi sembrato ben riuscito.Anche la trama interessante ed abbastanza originale (rimanendo coerente anche nel finale), peccato solo che in qualche punto parta per la tangente.Gli effetti speciali sono ben fatti ed anche la colonna sonora che accompagna il film consona col personaggio principale.Charlize Theron bellissima come sempre.

Salvador D (nl) wrote: Convoluted and surreal, it's STILL very compelling/can't look away filmmaking. Hit-and-miss actor/filmmaker Costner is the perfect low-key player of the superficially respectable Portland businessman who hides the very dark secret that he's a serial killer. Hurt is having a blast as the alter ego that only Costner's Brooks sees and hears, who steadily goads him along to the next killing. The supporting cast--with the exception of a dedicated if not character-wise completely believable Demi Moore as the homicide detective who tracks him and somehow has his respect--seem to be little more than helpless, oblivious supporters of this story. Dane Cook's voyeur-turned-blackmailer--cum-wannabe killer is something of a "Love him or Hate him" part(much like the actor comedian himself). As such, I think he was a good counter-balance, twitchy and unsteady yet with his own amoral menace, to Costner's upright yet more lethal character. Not a movie for everyone but interesting nonetheless.

Edgar C (es) wrote: Based on Cormac McCarthy's play, The Sunset Limited arranges the conditions necessary for two drastically different points of view to clash in a rather engaing discussion, where their intellectual and philosophical limits are simultaneously put to the challenge and strengthened with the hopeless purpose to arrive to an impossible point of metaphysical agreement. When watching play adaptations to the big screen, suspension of disbelief with respect to to the depiction of realistic settings, rational behavior and believable dialogue delivery is absolutely indispensable for dissecting the (most of the times) rich content worth of thought and reflection that the original creators envisioned in the first place.Samuel L. Jackson is Black: a pseudo-Christian whose beliefs are primarily based on his own preconceived notions about life, faith, death, existence, free will and God's will, lightly inspired by the Holy Bible, a book that clearly does not represent a priority in his life even if he claims otherwise.Tommy Lee Jones is White: one of the thousands of men on this rotten Earth governed by the devil with alarmingly nihilistic, Nietzschean and self-destructive behaviors that have finally fully materialized into acts that nearly drove him to a suicide, represented by the Sunset Limited, a violent and material means which immediacy is ultimately attractive for an atheist that envisions the terms "suffering" and "human destiny" to be mutually explainable between each other.Performances? Excellent. Less impactful and slightly inferior to Roman Polanski's attempt with Carnage (2011) to bring a play to the celluloid realm, but conveniently more thought provoking thanks to its subject matter, The Sunset Limited is a recommended directorial effort by Tommy Lee Jones, who was capable enough to materialize the most important points debated in the play to an engaging and never boring running time of 90 minutes. Again, this is one of the films that will cause problems in regular viewers not only because of its lack of realistic credibility and its 100% dialogue-driven structure, most probably because they are not used to the concept of a play adaptation, but to those with an open mind - A MIND SUFFICIENTLY OPEN NOT TO SEE THIS AS AN ACCURATE DISCUSSION BETWEEN ATHEISM AND THEISM, WHICH IT CERTAINLY ISN'T - the film shall provide very important food for thought in an entertaining way, especially about how both characters are one-sided fundamentalists seemingly trying but obviously not attempting to accept the existential state of opposite realities to their own beliefs. The cover suggests that "nothing is ever black or white", a statement that obviously couldn't be farer from the truth, because even if the world is composed by an infinite number of grey tones in a very big number of human themes, the terms of "good" and "evil" for God are definitely absolute, and as long as humans refuse to see that, their lives will never make sense, not even for the hypocritical, religious persons like "Black"."Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!Isaiah 5: 20-2174/100

Ryan V (jp) wrote: A pair of spaceships are visiting an enigmatic planet that's been transmitting a curious signal. While landing, the crews are subjected to a sudden case of space madness that results in multiple deaths. This is bad enough, but it gets worse when the dead members of the team begin to rise and attack the living. Planet of the Vampires was directed by Mario Bava, so it naturally contains a lot of cool sets, colorful lighting, and loads of atmospheric fog. The title is more than enough to tell one that this is a low budget genre piece, but creative direction turns Planet of the Vampires into a genuinely entertaining sci-fi/horror mashup.

Jessica H (es) wrote: Monroe has her role down after playing it enough times, but she's not the best part of this film.

Anna B (fr) wrote: A lot of the subtle, ambiguous tension is squandered in some of the later scenes. But the first two acts are good enough that it didn't completely ruin the experience and it remained a quality film overall. I think my DVD had a problem with its sound though (intense, annoying clipping/compression artefacts that I thought at first were an intentional part of the sound design), so I wouldn't mind re-watching this.