Megan Is Missing

Megan Is Missing

Fictional drama based on actual events, about 2 teen-age girls who encounter an internet predator.

The film is a American drama horror movie written and directed by Michael Goi. The film tells a story about Megan Stewart and Amy Herman, despite the opposition in personality, who is best friend of each other. One day they go online to find friends but instead go missing. Secrets and problems are ahead. What await them? Enjoy the film to discover by yourself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed A (br) wrote: Decent cast but a hurried plot which makes you feel like you started watching half way through and never quite catch up with. Shakey camera work and hurried scenes. Not great.

Tanvir M (ru) wrote: Lavishly produced with some exciting dogfight, but overlong and predictable World War film.

Daniel K (gb) wrote: 'Clubland', also known as 'Introducing The Dwights', is actually a rather boring film for quite a few scenes. It's the acting that really makes the film stand out, with Brendan Belthyn the obvious stand-out as a Mother struggling to let her son grow up. The storyline doesn't really have any major breakthroughs or climaxes so it runs fairly slowly, but the acting is what keeps you watching in a way as the lead cast are all very good. Other acting stand-outs would be Richard Wilson, who plays handicapped Mark, and Khan Chittenden who portrays Jean's awkard teenage son Tim who is trying to grow up on his own without his Mum by his side helping him along the way. The final few scenes in the film is finally where things start to heat up, but overall it's not the most interesting of films. Fans of Brenda Belthyn will enjoy her stealing the show, but other than that I can see it winning many new fans along the way.

Jerico T (es) wrote: It got boring & unrealistic. I do not want a sequel for Batoru rowaiaru! It is over, okay? Do not create another story that is similar or connected to this again.

Jonathan W (kr) wrote: Is Bier capable of making a bad movie?

Steven L (nl) wrote: Very funny, if you like slap stick comedy

Lisa S (ca) wrote: Goldthwait is hilarious, it's great to see him star in a film for once, but unfortunately the other star of this movie is a horse. I don't know about you, but talking horse scenes get on my nerves. Many of the scenes with Bobcat and the horse are hilarious, but the ones with only horses are torture. Overall, this movie is fun but stupid.

James H (mx) wrote: Imaginative family adventure film, a bit dated but still enjoyable. Dabney Coleman does a great job in a dual role. Fun nonsense, the plot is way far fetched.