In the future, national boundaries have been broken down and two giant super-states remain—the bleak, oppressive, and totalitarian "Hemisphere," and the sprawling and futuristic "Megaville." Megaville has an elected president, but the entire system is rife with corruption. All forms of media are encouraged in Megaville, but this freedom has aided moral decay with the distribution of pornography and violent movies. Outside Megaville lies the Hemisphere; whereas Megaville is clean and ordered, the Hemisphere is in a state of decay. Travel from the Hemisphere to Megaville is restricted with few exceptions to the powerful. An outwardly totalitarian regime governs the daily life of civilians in the Hemisphere and the people live in fear of the "CKS" (the secret police). All forms of media are illegal in the Hemisphere. CC

A sci-fi fantasy about a world where it is illegal to enjoy any kind of media except in a place called Megaville. After catching a brutal killer named Jenson, the media police send an agent... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark H (ca) wrote: An utterly stupid film that is as enjoyable as it is weird if only you accept it for what it is. Obviously, Citizen Kane this is not. This movie had no chance at any sort of success having sat on the shelf for three years while Orion Pictures was in bankruptcy. When they emerged, they released a number of oddball films that were barely straight to video quality. But Clifford has some charm and some virtues to it, namely, the ridiculous and absurd lead role played by Martin Short with as much energy and good intentions as possible. Ultimately, I cannot call this a "good" movie. It's a bad movie that has a special place in my heart which even caused me to name my cat after Clifford's dinosaur, Stephan.

Tom C (au) wrote: This movie kills me. Have to watch it whenever it's on.

Suveera A (ca) wrote: Karisma Kapoor's greatest dramatic role shines and Nana Patekar was totally good as the uncivilized man. Aishwarya's cameo was excellent (appearance in one song!) and the story was great. SRK had a short role in the ending only!!!

Lee M (ca) wrote: A courageous example of a personal kind of film making that leads nowhere. Much like the Reichian psychology upon which it was inspired.

Mark D (fr) wrote: Lee gives a good performance but thats all i enjoyed of the film. Tough to watch and more a period dramma than your atypical Hammer horror flick.

Lau H (us) wrote: This film is just like a stream of water that can purify one's mind. After the bombardment of scifi, thriller, love story blockbuster, this film serve as a reset bottom to reset our mind.

Reece C (de) wrote: The movie was zany and fantastic. My partner and I were glued from one scene to next. Very funny and stylish.