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A singer by profession, Suraj (Rajesh Khanna) gets stranded in resthouse in the coutnryside during a rainstorm. While there he experiences ununsual feelings, as if he has been there before.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon T (de) wrote: An often very uncomfortable watch. The pace is deliberately slow, scenes go on longer than they need, almost as if director Campos is forcing the viewer to experience the discomfort and alienation of his central character. Excellent use of sound, and well acted. It's the kind of subject matter Michael Haneke explores, but not quite in his league.

Christopher M (kr) wrote: Why not Olivia Newton-John and hockey - who brought the narcotics to the party and came up with this? Has some good tunes but the story misses its intended mark.

Carlotta 4 (ag) wrote: Once I figured out that the scene cuts between the modern apartment and Sita/Rama saga didn't relate to each other plot-wise, the film was very enjoyable (some of the songs also felt a bit long, but they're old, so I'll forgive them for it. It was a stylistic choice). That being said, the animation is just LOVELY. Stylistic, artistic, and certainly a bit odd... but very appealing. And the "Sita's Fire" sequence? It was simply GORGEOUS, and without a doubt the ultimate apex of the film. I can't find any words to describe the scene other than "wrenching" and "gorgeous." This film is far too unknown for how wonderful it is, and I highly suggest it.

octharina n (jp) wrote: Hmmm.... menurut gw, Ron Clark adalah salah satu guru yg "berhasil" membuat muridnya yg tadinya bandel minta ampun, males belajar menjadi anak2 yang mencintai belajar, sekolah, dan pendidikan. Ia mengatasi masalah dengan mencoba memahami apa yg diinginkan anak2. Memahami masalah tiap anak2 dengan cara dtang kerumah mereka, memberitahu para orang tua tentang kelebihan yg dimiliki anak mereka, menciptakan ruangan kelas yg penuh warna,menciptakan aturan yang membuat anak merasa sbg satu keluarga, memberikan reward bg anak yg berprestasi, menciptakan aturan, memberikan mereka dukungan saat akan menghadapi ujian, dan hal-hal lain yang patut dicontoh oleh seorang guru. Salut dech buat Mr. Clark....

ken k (fr) wrote: I do not know what they were trying to do with this movie but they failed miserably! Awful garbage and waste of talent. Ken K.

Natalie K (mx) wrote: cultural, quirky...Lesbian chick flick

Allan C (jp) wrote: Looking at Clint Eastwood's IMDB filmography, I realized this was really his last film as an action hero and he does it with charm, going out very much on a high note. Wolfgang Petersen directed this taught thriller about Secret Service agent Eastwood playing a cat and mouse game with potential presidential assassin John Malkovich. Malkovich is terrific as the killer, toying with Clint's past as the pact active Secret Service agent who was on JFK's detail when he was assassinated. There's also a strong supporting cast that includes Rene Russo as Clint's love interest,Gary Cole as Clint's secret service nemesis, Fred Dalton Thompson (a real-life DC insider), John Mahoney as Clint's boss, Dylan McDermott as his new partner and even Tobin Bell and John Heard in small but memorable bit parts. There's also a fine Ennio Morricone score for the film, which I never thought of at the time, but now realize that Morricone provided the music for the films that introduced Clint to the world as a major star in the Sergio Leone Dollars Trilogy, so it's quite apt that Morricone would also score Eastwoods final outing as an action hero (also from a European director). The excellent John Bailey provides the film a sharp, crisp look with his fine photography. The film's screenwriter, Jeff Maguire, delivers a smart script, which is surprising since he's never written anything of equal stature since (unless you count "Gridiron Gang"). This film is probably director Ptersen's best film outside of "Das Boot" and it a terrific swan song for Clint to say goodbye to the action/thriller genre.

Chelsea W (ru) wrote: mmm james woods was awesome in this!his ponytail was unnecessary though.

Ethan H (it) wrote: Not as good as the first but still a good sequel.

Austin H (ca) wrote: Cheesy, but entertaining.

Davey M (ru) wrote: Splendid Boetticher-directed western.

John B (fr) wrote: This movie is exciting and hilarious. See it.