Mehed ei nuta

Mehed ei nuta

A group of sleepless nerds should be taken into sanitarium for hard-therapy. They are taken to a lonely island but no sanitarium is in sight. Suddenly turns out that the nurses have ...

A group of sleepless nerds should be taken into sanitarium for hard-therapy. They are taken to a lonely island but no sanitarium is in sight. Suddenly turns out that the nurses have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake B (mx) wrote: One of my favorite books ever. I couldn't ask for a more perfect adaptation. Stunning visuals, the glade and the maze feel incredibly alive. It's hard to think of the area as something that can't exist. It's beautiful. As for the characters, though sometimes bland, they always stick to their parts and leave behind a memorable performance. O'Brien as Thomas is truly remarkable in seeing how he portrays such a smart and cunning yet incredibly reserved character. All in all, perfect.

Amith K (ag) wrote: film is ok but the draw back is no story line.direction is ok.

Ryan W (it) wrote: ...,,,,c...y

Jonathan G (us) wrote: ...another reason why I love documentaries. This movie is great. Not as excellent as 'King of Kong', but close. If you've seen the comedy, 'Role Models', you'll notice that they're very similar. They hijacked the idea for their movie from this documentary. Worth a rental. You need to know about LARP.

Robert S (nl) wrote: Jet Li kicks a snooker ball into a mans head with a style and elegance which only a martial artists could do. He manages to not only kick ass but shows that even with an average movie he can kick serious ass.Don't get me wrong the rest of the film is good and Fonda, Karyo and Kwouk do act very well, but Li manages to steel the lime light. The martial arts choreography in the film is impeccable and the film does not pretend to be anything more than full action fun and for this I adore this film and will watch it again and again and never get bored.

Giovanni M (fr) wrote: Death to Smoochy has a lot of great things about it, but it isn't a great movie. It's a decent enough dark comedy with an excellent cast. Robin Williams is hilarious in his role and Jon Stewart is always a pleasure. However, the film is never really that funny as it is interesting. There are enough funny parts, but it seems like DeVito got swept up in making such a misanthropic hate-film he forgot that it was supposed to be a comedy first. The amount of dutch tilts are distracting as well and the Comic Sans MS credits are cringe-worthy. Overall, I liked Death to Smoochy but I wanted to love it. I don't think I'd watch it again but I'm glad I did.

Brian P (it) wrote: uhh, yeah not that good

E F (mx) wrote: Tightly wound and interesting story, but a tad predictable in the end.

Monty H (es) wrote: Rousing western with Tom Selleck as american sharpshooter Matthew Quigley, who comes to Australia under the false pretense of hunting wild dogs for bad guy Alan Rickman. But once Quigley realizes he was brought in to kill aborigines, he decides to fight back against Rickman and his desperadoes. A different type of western but still a very good one. Selleck is awesome as Quigley and he carries one of the longest rifles I have ever seen. And trust me, he is bad ass with it. Alan Rickman once again is dead on as the bad guy, who is a pretty good shot himself. And Laura San Giacomo is a hoot as Crazy Cora, a woman Quigley saves by accident. A good fun movie. Oh, and a great music score to boot. Crazy Cora: Don't worry, on a new job it's quite common for things not to go well at first

Henrysmovieguide C (us) wrote: Very smart, funny, and touching. It's much less Mars Attacks! and much more Close Encounters. Interesting characters and story.

Pascal L (us) wrote: Dans ma liste, c'est un cas a part. Ce n'est pas le meilleur film sur le journalisme qui soit, loin de la, mais le contexte social dans lequel s'inscrit l'histoire (une rvolution de gauche au Nicaragua), et le dilemme moral auquel sont confrontes ces journalistes, m'ont touches. Et la musique me tourne dans la tete depuis 20 ans. :-)

Sanjukta R (kr) wrote: one of my all time favourites.. just the right mixture of all ingredients... can watch it everyday of my life.....

David O (kr) wrote: I like the characters

Russell G (ag) wrote: Muder mystery musical beleve it or not. A damned good one too.

Yash B (es) wrote: Woody Allen's classic romance story is an entertaining watch. The comedy is clever and the performances are very good. It's a movie with good dialogue and a story that is simple but ultimately moving. I do think that the movie does have some pacing issues since I felt it was a bit of a drag in places, but I really enjoyed the final act and it definitely made it worth seeing. It's a unique movie with an interesting style, sharp humor, and a good story.

Cody O (gb) wrote: Tara Reid was the only good part about this movie!