Mei lai muk ling

Mei lai muk ling


A female police officer goes undercover as a beauty pageant contestant to protect a key witness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tit M (ru) wrote: film tres court avec thomas turgoose la releve du cinema anglais une tranche de vie sur deux ado bien differents c est sympa meme si la fin est assez baclee

Peter E (fr) wrote: Jason Patric's character is so horrid and mean throughout the film that it makes the experience in watching this wanna-be romantic love story extremely uncomfortable to watch. Samantha Morton, as always, is wonderful. This isn't Patric's is the script and the direction given here that is poor. This is a hard film to sit through, let alone enjoy.

Nick S (ag) wrote: Great movie! One of the best in a long time.

Blke W (fr) wrote: Cach afire - Tim robbins, Derek LukeInteresting portrayal in an almost pseudo documentry form of Bio adaptation on true 'in the life of?' accounts of a few people on either sides of the 'Apartheid' in South Africa republic proper. Finding also distant headquarters in Mosambique of the rebelion - A.N.C. rumbling a revolt with the manpower to the number of 400 000 peoples in training for combat, to liberate the poor peoples of South Africa from a strong political hand of government at the time, separating the races in true Settelers form ,founding provinces and establishing a nation that could have such vast reaches that it being a restraint or stepping stone, just happened to be in only poor humane taste, as far as humanity has been to itself in the past but nowhere near our potential to self destruct as a animal (sort of the food chain) of massive proportions.

S C (kr) wrote: If you've seen Step Into Liquid, you have to watch this. Part history lesson, part spectacle, it's a great documentary for both surfers and non-surfers alike.

Uriel A V (fr) wrote: Definitivamente no es la mejor pelicula de John Waters, pero si una de sus mas inspiradas... "Full of grace, full of grace!!!!"

John B (fr) wrote: Nice Children's movie, but, a little cheesy

Angel D (de) wrote: old movie but it was pretty good, little boy is a smart kid

Carlos M (de) wrote: Hawks re-teams with John Wayne in this obvious remake of Rio Bravo (although he always denied that), which despite lacking in originality and being too familiar for its own good, boasts a stunning cinematography, elegant dialogue and Robert Mitchum virtually stealing the scene.

Rob B (ca) wrote: Someone turns into a tiger and slays a slayer. What more do you want?

Naomi G (de) wrote: Hollywood wonders if sentient, extraterrestrial life has been watching their broadcasts. It has even initiated and supports the SETI project probably so that it can pursue its organized crime model of business and coerce any aliens they have contact with to pay some kind of entertainment related bill.No one will ever meet any aliens if they have been watching movies like Close Encounters. Hollywood's continued xenophobia, delusions of grandeur, and misanthropy have obviously either scared them off, or instilled the belief that earth is utterly worthless to them.

Ajk D (ru) wrote: Sad frustrating and can feel the torture for being the husband yet Bardot so dauntingly super hot in so many levels

Karsh D (es) wrote: A fine well thought out story as two friends fall out on a remote Scottish isle and challenge each other to a dare with tragic consequences. Being slightly critical, for a short film there are too many and quite lengthy sequences which give it a promotional feel for tourists. Still worth a watch though.

Grant S (mx) wrote: Overly schmaltzy, melodramatic and theatrical...and quite dull too.The story of two couples, Dan and Alice (Jude Law and Natalie Portman) and Anna and Larry (Julia Roberts and Clive Owen). We see how they meet, how their relationships start...and how they end up cheating on each other.Quite dull. It's really just a story of relationship machinations and manipulations for the sake of machinations and manipulations. There is no point, ultimately (except maybe that relationships are doomed to fail so why bother?, but I might be being a bit cynical there...). Execution is pretty stiff and stuffy too. Very wordy, and unnaturally so. Far too much melodrama over things not warranting such drama. You can tell this was originally a play...Quite empty too - superficial, emotionally, and overly schmaltzyOnly two things prevent this from being a total waste of time. One is the humour - there are some great one-liners scattered throughout the movie.The second is the performance of Natalie Portman. She sparkles in her role and got a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for her efforts.Not sure how Clive Owen got his Best Supporting Actor nomination though. His performance largely consists of overacting. He is also the biggest victim of the theatrical script - every line he utters sounds like a speech.