Meine schöne Nachbarin

Meine schöne Nachbarin


Doro is young, beautiful and a trained opera singer that gets by with occasional jobs. Her neighbour, a former criminal detective, is dying and she cares for him in his last moments. His dying wish is to see his son Michael. Doro fulfills the old man's wish and they meet for the first time since twenty years. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tina H (de) wrote: my kids love the dancing in this movie. some of the storyline seems to be copied from other movies in my opinion.

Ashley V (us) wrote: It has the Rock I am going to watch it!

Michael S (de) wrote: Mos Def as Chuck Berry...I'm There

robin a (gb) wrote: it was very philosophic yet exciting somehow. She was thinking too much and yet you couldn't blame her. This movie was kind of a lesson.

Private U (ru) wrote: Haha! Denna r sjukt rolig och vldigt konstig. Vrd att se.

Colleen H (jp) wrote: This is my new favorite holiday movie. It was a combination of "the greatest story ever told" and "2001".Strange but amazing!

Marquis B (fr) wrote: love this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin M (de) wrote: My least favorite of the recent claymation movies - Wallace & Gromit is the one to see

Lady D (fr) wrote: Bought but not yet watched

Kieran F (ca) wrote: Wasn't the worst film but the plot didn't leave it anywhere to go!

Matthew S (au) wrote: This has to be one of the strangest concepts for a major Hollywood production: Barbra Streisand adapts a short story by Isaac Bashevis Singer about a woman who disguises herself as a man so that she can attend Yeshiva. ...Into a musical. A 2 hour plus musical. Directed, produced, starring, co-written and co-edited by Streisand herself. And, the amazing thing is that this movie works beautifully. Highly entertaining, filled with a lush musical score, exceptional photography and thoroughly unique in almost every direction - Yentl is a great movie. There are some minor Hollywood conceits that hurt the film - one of the biggest being that Yentl somehow manages to give herself a 1980's Vidal Sassoon Salon-Perfect haircut using an pair of 19th Century shears. And, of course, Streisand neither sounds or looks like a man. However, this may have been part of what she was working at with the movie - the idea that society accepts and believes what it is told. The film also glides past what could have been a deeper psychological study of sexuality and intimate deception. But, this is intended to be an inspiring musical. And, it is just that. In addition to this film being quite good is the entertaining idea that the production ever got a "green light" -- if ever a concept for a movie sounds doomed it would be the concept for Streisand's YENTL. But, the lady knew what she was doing.

Simon D (gb) wrote: i always thought that this film is all about the music what with NWA and Public Enemy being represented, having seen it again recently, I think I'll keep it that way as the story and the acting is nothing worth remembering.

Chad M (us) wrote: The movie only emphasizes what the book can't do and makes you realize exactly what imagination can simply do.

Lee H (gb) wrote: Ham acting (possibly intentional), a "loopy" plot, psychos, buxom beauties, and the hosing down, then cattle-prodding of a woman with throat cancer in an attempt to stop her smoking...Sick? Sure. Twisted? Certainly. Funny? Hell yes!

Nika G (it) wrote: Landmine Goes Click won ShrikFest, Cinestrange and other films festivals. Waiting for release 10th of November!