While repairing one of his customer’s car, Syamil finds RM500,000 and tries to keep the cash. Meanwhile the police are investigating a bank robbery that involves the same amount of money. Syamil’s mother advises him to return the money to the police but he refuses. He begins to worry when he sees a press article about the robbery...

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Mekanik torrent reviews

Adriana T (es) wrote: loved the movie but not the ending

Joel A (au) wrote: A commendable directional effort for Eric Bana & although its quite well made its a little too detailed for non car lovers.His passion for his car is fantastic but his technical breakdown isn't as much. Some scenes drag on a little bit but you can't deny the car lovers out there.If you are a car lover (which I am not at all) you will love it & has some great scenes of mate ship etc.

Carlos P (fr) wrote: Debi haberle hecho caso a los criticos, lo que es tener hora y media para matar. jajajajaja.pelicula de cable en la madrugada

Andy P (fr) wrote: The immensely talented Kate Jarvis' naturalistic performance is incredible; there is a sympathetic believability to her character that allows Andrea Arnold's drama the passion, realism and fluidity seen in the finest work of social realist master Kenneth Loach.

MARIJA D (br) wrote: . ! . ! . ! . ! . . .

Moe R (ag) wrote: For someone who does not like watching concerts on DVD, this was pretty good!

Dustin D (ru) wrote: Master director Ang Lee elevates the wire-fu genre in a charming, character-driven art film.

Linda T (au) wrote: Lol I was in love with Bradley Gregg for a long time after I saw this movie x

Nandan T (kr) wrote: Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.

Anders A (it) wrote: An adventures action movie building a masculine hero. Portrating the life of Conan, from his childhood, giving insight to his inner values and motivation to crush those who have destroyed his life. Set in the far away mountains and desserts, giving it all a creeping cult atmosphere, where DOOM and Thulsa Doom is worshipped by a snake-cult. Great occultism and a vision of a ancient cult worshipping the strong, sex and sacrifices.