Melancholie der Engel

Melancholie der Engel

Two friends meet again to share their last days in an old house where everything happened a long time ago. They gather a group of people, which results in a disastrous turn of events, during which reveals the deepest human depths.

Two friends meet again to share their last days in an old house where everything happened a long time ago. They gather a group of people, which results in a disastrous turn of events, during which reveals the deepest human depths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacob M (kr) wrote: This movie is simply a complete and total bore. The baby upstages the adult actors, who are stuck playing out this meaningless story. I guess Joe Swanberg just had some money to blow and started shooting. How he got the other actors is a mystery. Anna Kendrick is an Academy Award nominee!!! And the critics mostly liked it??? Please. But it's on Netflix, so dive in.

Noah D (fr) wrote: Very clever, twisted, and darkly funny, 13 Sins is an extremely fun black comedy/thriller that I highly recommend watching! Streaming on Netflix now :)

Mahi T (au) wrote: From a guy who makes millions I find this movie very funny

Tom B (us) wrote: awful dreary film for JM fans only. Avoid.

Subhajit B (ag) wrote: A few things stand out in this movie like the monologue at the end, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan and Ayesha Kapoor.

Marcos A (ca) wrote: a must see. the spanish language is quite funny."no esta el culo pa besitos"

Jens T (ru) wrote: Michelangelo Antonioni's Zabriskie Point is his second of three pictures he filmed in english. Many critics says Zabriskie Point is his least impressive work. Wow, if this is his least impressive, then Antonioni must be a cinematicall wizard. But I actually this one is his best, even better than Blow Up. Zabriskie Point takes place in the late 1960s, in the hippie era, in Los Angeles. A bunch of college students has their own radical meeting where they discuss "politics" while they are young and high. In this group there one individual named Mark (Mark Frechette) who's tired of all the conversations, which leading nowhere. He has the same political view as all the others, but he want to go even further, more drastic, use of sharp ammunition against the conformists. He get himself a hand gun. But he rather chose to steal an small air plane and flies it to the Death Valley in southern California where a young pot-smoking secretary named Daria (Daria Halprin) who's on her way to her employers summer house. On a weird coincident both Daria and Mark meets in the middle of the desert, and later make love in a desert formation called Zabriskie Point, where a lot of couples have made love before them. They forget all their worries, all about the world outside, the only thing there is, is love. A place where one could have stayed for ever and ever. But it is possible to actually do that? And I think the answer in obvious.Zabriskie Point also have some good songs by Pink Floyd, which just fit so great with the events on the screen. One example is the opening scene where we follow the student meetings, where Pink Floyd's music is all we here, and there's no audible dialogues, to symbolize the facts that all of the students are doing drugs, not discuss politics. Another good example with use of Pink Floyd's music is when Daria is imagine that everything in her world is exploding. Zabriskie Point is a wonderful break from reality, as long as it takes us merciless back to earth. Thumbs up.

Vincent P (jp) wrote: The Martian intrigue and backstabbery boosts this above the routine 50's "INTO SPACE!" movie. That and the production design. Those leggy Martian dresses and preposterously high heels... yowza! Could've benefitted from 10 extra minutes though. Sometimes a movie this short feels a heck of a lot longer, but not in this case.

Leena L (br) wrote: I really liked this film when I first saw it in theater back in 1999. However, on the second go I was amazed about the fact that the men were jsut cycling along the beautifull eastern border area. Beautiful images, but not that much happening.

James H (br) wrote: 6.5/10. Inspiring film, wonderfully acted by the older gentleman stars. Great story, well written and finely directed. Good score. Moving.

Steve W (fr) wrote: I haven't seen the original series this was based on, but I found this movie very uneven. From the tone itself, sometimes it gets dark, but at other times its too silly, the threats don't feel real and you can't take the plot seriously. It offers no surprises or twists, and in the end about 1 joke hits for every 3 or 4 tries. The result is forgettable action comedy that feels like its trying too hard.