Melissa P.

Melissa P.

An adolescent girl, living with her mother and her grandmother, will have her first sexual experiences in a heavy and excessive way.

An adolescent girl, living with her mother and her grandmother, will have her first sexual experiences in a heavy and excessive way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lupita R (ag) wrote: this movie is magical like for my baby sister that is 5 years old

Chris D (ag) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the first "300."

sean m (mx) wrote: Mrs. Cho lacks any sense of timing, humor, or wit. Judging from the dvd she considers her 'fish face' the height of comedy. The jokes aren't funny, the chip on her shoulder prevents her from developing rapport with the audience and any comic who would spend the first chapter in self-worship is not worth watching. Give this a miss.

Brett W (ag) wrote: If you're a total sucker for noir with a sci-fi twist you'll find just enough interesting about this to sit through most of it. Mostly though it's reminiscent of cut-scenes you would find in late 90's PC adventure games; bad acting pasted on gorgeous landscapes. Except the problem here is that you have to sit through an hour and a half of it...all the while having to remind yourself that it's only rated PG and there aren't going to be any lesbian makeout scenes despite the appearance to the contrary, Trench coats and fedoras for everyone! And I mean literally everyone.

josh m (us) wrote: An excellent Godzilla film is hard to find these days. But godzilla against mechagodzilla is one of the best. Godzilla battles his first robotic double in a film for ten years. It houses thrills and serves up the action, with a great plot, special effects, and a cool monster fight for the climax. It is definitely entertaining and great.

Magenta B (es) wrote: LOVE that film. Quite different from Deepa Mehta's style but very entertaining! The songs are great and the uncle is amazing!

bill s (gb) wrote: The explosions and actors power us through an otherwise limp thriller.....decent popcorn flick.

Brent W (it) wrote: I love biopics on notable figures of early rock and roll. Tragic though his story was, the movie was a thrill to watch.

Cassandra M (mx) wrote: A trio of seemingly respectable, well-to-do Victorian gentlemen (played by Geoffrey Keen, Jonathen Secker, and Peter 'more cheese, Gromit?' Sallis) form a secret club in order to experience the wildest thrills that life has to offer. However, their limited imaginations mean that they soon become bored, and so they decide to take their lead from disgraced aristocrat and practising Satanist Lord Courtley (a marvellously slimy Ralph Bates), who suggests that they attempt a ritual to bring the infamous Count Dracula back to life.When the three men panic during the ceremony, and beat Courtley to death, they flee the scene, not realising that Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) has indeed returned from the dead, and now seeks retribution for the killing of his loyal acolyte.Although Hammer's Dracula movies rarely strayed far from their well-worn formula-Dracula lives; Dracula kills; Dracula dies-their lush Gothic atmosphere, fine ensemble casts, and sumptuous cinematography usually meant that, even when the script was somewhat lacking, there was still plenty to enjoy. Such is the case with Taste The Blood Of Dracula, which features a so-so story and a surprisingly unremarkable turn from Lee (who is forced to deliver some particularly dodgy dialogue), but manages to keep fans entertained with some gloriously camp performances from the rest of the cast, some fine direction from Peter Sasdy, and loads of Hammer's trademark Gothic trappings.Plus, this entry in the series also stars the gorgeous Linda Hayden-one of my favourite actresses from the late 60s/70s-whose presence makes it a must-see as far as I am concerned. Her transformation from wide eyed innocent to slutty vamp slave (with cleavage on display, naturally) is reason enough to seek this one out!

Mike M (it) wrote: Interesting premise. Some holes in the story but still interesting.

Christophe C (jp) wrote: REMO, SANS ARMES MAIS DANGEREUX en vf. a voudrait lorgner un petit peu du ct (C) de chez Bon, mais non en fait. a voudrait prendre l'exemple sur certaines choses de Karat (C) Kid, mais non en fait. a voudrait un peu faire la nique aux actionners de Sly et Schwarzie, mais non en fait. Remo, c'est du polar qui se transforme en gros (C)pisode de l'Agence tout risque et avec des r (C)pliques qui tuent (mais non en fait).

Jeff T (ca) wrote: Pretty interesting actually, I mean horrible, but good in a way.