After failing to save his wife from 'The Doctor', Kit Li is working as a bodyguard and secret stunt double for the cowardly martial arts film star Frankie Lane. Frankie attends an ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Cantonese,Mandarin,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   fight,   revenge,  

After failing to save his wife from 'The Doctor', Kit Li is working as a bodyguard and secret stunt double for the cowardly martial arts film star Frankie Lane. Frankie attends an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Meltdown torrent reviews

David P (mx) wrote: A story which is dull and characters that have no depth! If you have 2 hours to waste then go for it.

Manas M (gb) wrote: a little relief considering other options in theater. Movie is better in first half, and predictably boring in second.

Jen H (de) wrote: Not very good. Vaguely ripping off other better movies, like The Descent, Blair Witch Project and REC.

Gabriel K (ag) wrote: A rewarding film about a place and time that we all pass through in life. A moment of transition and awakening to the struggles and opportunities that adult life provides us. The acting is great and the chemistry between the actors is believable. Perhaps best of all, the film captures the best of the Minneapolis experience--one far more interesting and real than what is typically depicted (ie Fargo).

Luv L (jp) wrote: The mere attempt at delving into the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina is one that is to be respected and is worthy of my attention. It?s surprising that this topic has not been explored previously to Trapped in Katrina, with the exception of documentaries. I especially enjoyed the attention paid to detail, from the difficulty getting back in the city of New Orleans to the passion of the people who lived in the city. So congratulations to Patrick Marrero for the concept of the film and for writing the screenplay. Its films like this that use the vessel of film to expose the masses to things they would never know. I have nothing to say about the acting and the actors in this film. That is a first! I admit to being solely concerned with the progression of the story they were telling. The film was nearing its end by the time I realized I had no complaints with the acting or lack thereof. The casting was excellent and all of the actors were extremely committed and focused on the story at hand. I thoroughly appreciate that. As far as the story goes, I?m not sure how much of it is directly attached to reality, but there were certain touches from the film that lent itself to the feel of a documentary. So from the jump, I naturally accepted everything as the truth. The still images used in the opening credits and the voice-overs from survivors were so real and personal. The set was so unattractive and gritty, I could almost smell the decay of the homes. The fact that they had to be out by the time night fell reminded us that not only did none of the homes have electricity, but the city doesn?t either. The city just isn?t equipped for life in any form. If patrols were really killing people who chose to stay behind for no reason, that is just sad. And now, four years later, the general public has forgotten about those parts. I?m willing to bet those who survived will never forget. There were parts of the film that were problematic. The flashbacks and premonitions got to be confusing. Whatever happened to Amelia? Why was the white guy so crazy? Why was the ending of the movie so abrupt? I would like to think the abruptness of the ending emphasized the title of the film, Trapped. But while I understand the sense of entrapment, I believe the audience is owed an explanation for these things. The ending seemed like a bit of an artistic cop out. The audience invests an hour to two hours watching the film and don?t get the courtesy of closure. That was my only complaint about the film. Otherwise, it was insightful and enlightening. It made me appreciate my life and family. As a Florida native, I know how close we are to being destroyed every season, but somehow our safety is spared. So many other parts of the country are spared this vicious natural disaster. It is always good to come across films like Trapped in Katrina that do more than just make a film because a script was written. Real life was on display. I?m always a fan of that. I received Trapped in Katrina for review from Maverick Entertainment Group. Tiffany Black, Actress/Writer/Director/Blogger Extraordinaire

MoJai M (au) wrote: Brilliantly witty, warm, fun and insightful. One of the most tender depictions of sexuality and youth in recent memory with excellent direction from Valle illuminating this utterly memorable picture. I defy you not to weep by the end.

Erica T (it) wrote: Very in depth documentary, and they spent a good amount of time focusing on each artist.

Robbie P (ca) wrote: So nice to see a coming-of-age movie where the rebellious kid actually defies his parents by becoming MORE religious. Everybody in this film is amazing, and the direction by Diane Keaton is exquisite. My favorite scene centers around Ray Charles' snappy rendition of "You are my sunshine." Do yourself a favor and watch this! Smart movie!

Roberto B (nl) wrote: Titolo italiano: Cristiane F. Noi ragazzi dello zoo di Berlino

Scott F (it) wrote: Rohmer is my favorite director of all... This movie is one of my favorites of his. It's the one movie of all movies that shows me clearly why affairs are a place I will never go. Beautiful and real....

John B (ca) wrote: Monty and Taylor lack the sizzle from A Place in the Sun. This Civil War "epic" is a mess in more ways than one.

Shawn W (ag) wrote: Horrible dialogue throughout and clocks in at a painful 113 minutes. This is no St. Elmo's Fire. Only bright spot was James Belushi wearing a #20 Chicago Black Hawks Al Secord jersey.

Jaidyn P (ca) wrote: A movie that is very offensive with unfunny jokes, unlikable and unfunny characters and too much drug use. Better off watching Bridesmaids instead.

Justin S (ru) wrote: "It's not like we're hardened criminals here. We're in show business."

Scott P (ag) wrote: Incredibly bad dialogue and some of the most ham-headed acting you've ever seen becomes fatefully combined with casually entertaining gore, bringing about a delightfully hilarious - whether unintentional or not - experience for anyone interested in pieces of bizarre cinematic curiosity. If you expect to be grossed out or marginally scared stear clear, as The Wizard of Gore never really achieves either of its goals; perhaps a good puking or scream was never in the cards (damn inept direction!). However, the sheer spectacle is entertaining and as noted before, you'll probably laugh several times from the whole ridiculousness of the plot and casting choices. Not without its charms, but certainly not without its multitude of faults. It's just terribly, terribly bad - and funny - but bad... AND FUNNY! God help us...

Ted W (br) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this one, solid performances by a veteran cast, only the ending rings false.