In a small village two tough, but good-hearted men preside over the day to day lives of the inhabitants, namely Bahadur Singh (David) and Sher Khan (Jayant). One of the rooms is soon going ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,   dancing dog,  

In a small village two tough, but good-hearted men preside over the day to day lives of the inhabitants, namely Bahadur Singh (David) and Sher Khan (Jayant). One of the rooms is soon going ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (br) wrote: Super funny!! Loved it!!

Ninjaw P (it) wrote: Un polar pomp sur le concept de Memento, bien entendu beaucoup moins ambitieux. Un peu facile voir venir aussi, mais ca reste sympathique et bien jou.

Luciano G (es) wrote: We Are The Night is a string vampire film, with stunning locals and excellent pacing...its urban, chic and filled with strong performances..the musical score is exciting as well... it was great seeing these girls have fun in a woman only vampire world.....

Derrick B (au) wrote: Good movie but wtf!? Don't ask me to explain it.

Jase H (it) wrote: Well.. that was unexpected....

Belkis C (br) wrote: La vida es una caja de sorpresas!

Dallas C (jp) wrote: Seriously messed up stuff to show little kids, or maybe I was a little confused......dont know

Jet B (jp) wrote: I saw this many years ago and remember liking it, but can't quite remember it, so I want to see it again.

Ted C (es) wrote: If it was just the sketches with no attempt made to attach a coherent plot, this might be a 5-star movie.

Senor C (mx) wrote: Even if it was co-written by John Carpenter Black Moon Rising is very hit & miss. Maybe if he directed it could have been better. That's not saying that it's a total loss. The cast is good here w/ Tommy Lee Jones in an actual likable performance, Linda Hamilton does what she does best by getting on top during the sex scene, Robert Vaughn always makes for a grand villain, Bubba Smith is a cool mother-fucker & Im always glad when William Sanderson shows up. This is one of those movies that you can't think about too much or @ all or you start to question your enjoyment. Personally I don't think they exploited that car enough. It may have been because of budget limitation but it should have been featured more. It's a cool design in an 80s sense & should have been it's greatest strength. It's a main plot focal point but as for actually showcasing it it feels like an after thought

Tim C (es) wrote: A film that defies any rules for filmmaking, it seems. It is such a thoroughly bright, original, and unexpected work that it remains unmatched by any for the title of ultimate cult classic.

Eric R (ag) wrote: The colors jump off the screen! Anger was so ahead of his time its absolutely ridiculous. I felt like i was tripping my balls off just watching this film. Amazing imagery. OH and its got Anais Nin wearing a birdcage for a hat!!! come on!!! whats not to love!

Adam D (ca) wrote: an interesting movie about a real life robber nice dances by Yvonne and beautiful horses make this movie fun to watch

Tristan M (jp) wrote: Feels like a Shooter type Mark Walberg movie, where the acting isn't bad, yet it really isn't past decent. Russel Crowe is better, nothing great by his standards either though, yet his character is somehow very interesting and well played. It's a basic plot, and if you've watched the trailer before pressing play, which there's a good chance you have, you've seen literally the whole plot of the movie, yet even without the 2 and a half minute spoiler they call a trailer, you could call the shots before they happen by a good cunk of time. The story is a simple one, Mark is hired to find the one who Russell's wife is cheating on him with, who openly begins a conversation with Mark and then turns up dead. The mayor has him rope around his neck and they both can bring the other down but not without bringing down themselves as well. Naturally Mark does what's right and gets the mayor and himself locked up. There's not much else to it, the story is pretty bland, the acting is so so, it is interesting and still holds our attention I guess, butter fact that I'm writing this a week after u watched the movie and could barely remember it, it shows its just another basic movie that just kinda gets lost. Could it be better, yes with better acting, deeper story, a trailer that didn't spoil every event in the movie, maybe it could be up to 8/10. But that's generous, as it stands it's just another small movie in Walberg's and Crowe's rather prestigious careers, which can be saved for a rainy day.

Shane D (kr) wrote: I remember this being WAY cooler than this was on its repeat viewing. Aside from a maniacal (AND out of place) performance from Dennis Hopper, this was kind of a snore. I mean, it had everything that an 80s film about kids meddling with a foreign source of magic/power should have...just none of it was terribly inspired. Having said that, I do remember enjoying it as a maybe this film hasnt aged well or I havent aged along with it. Does it matter? No, because its pretty much a waste of your time.