Memento Mori

Memento Mori

The film revolves around the relationship between two high school students, Yoo Shi-Eun and Min Hyo-Shin. As the two girls become romantically involved, their taboo friendship causes them to be marginalized by the other students. Unable to cope with the social pressures of having a lover of the same gender, Shi-Eun tries to distance herself from the increasingly dependent Hyo-Shin.

In this second installment of the Whispering Corridors series, a young girl finds a strange diary, capable of arousing hallucinations, kept by two of her senior fellow-students who seem to have an unusually close bond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yaseen G (au) wrote: The one star is only for Pankaj kapur and his brilliant bipolar portrayal. The film fails at many levels and makes no sense whatsoever. A dissappointing film from the man who made classics like makdee, omkara, maqbool, blue umbrella !

Ca M (mx) wrote: A waste of my time, a miserable movie with little redeeming qualities and scenes.

Mason B (ru) wrote: Why do I keep seeing Juno Temple in bad movies? She's a very actress, but after Jack and Diane and The Dark Knight Rises, I'm beginning to think she can't see a rubbish script when it's given to her. Cracks suffers from many of the same problems as Jack and Diane: it's aimless, plotless, lacks any real drama or tension. In addition Cracks has annoying, badly thought-out characters. Central to this is Eva Green's Miss G, a diving instructor at the all girl's boarding school where the film takes place. She becomes obsessed with Fiamma, the spanish exchange student, much to the jealousy of Temple's character. Miss G. is meant to be the wise free spirt with the dark secret, but comes off as a pretentious idiot; there's really no reason for the audience to feel any sympathy for her. Neither is there any sympathy for Temple's character or Fiamma, because there's no character for them beyond their initial roles in the film. The lack of any decent character highlights the glaring flaws in the rest of the film. It is a tedious, ponderous, cliched, and agonizing mess that provides the viewer with little if any substance.

John S (ru) wrote: This is just my personal opinion: Nina Paley needs to get over herself. This movie was kind of offensive,.. she should go to therapy or something instead of trying to mess with what is to so, very is deeply important and sacred. I decided to watch Sita Sings the Blues with the hope of seeing a condensed version of the Ramayana. I had low expectations of Nina Paley's attempt at portraying the story yet she still managed to disappoint me. I gave it two stars because it misinforms and pretends to be a portrayal of the Ramayana.It turned out to be somewhat of a mockery... perhaps in order to deceive others for unjustifiable gain from, for lack of a better term, the "intellectual property" of others.The actual Ramayana has many great life lessons in it. Despite that, Nina Paley somehow managed to share not even one life lesson in the film. She did however make a mockery of things at times. Frankly, I am kind of disgusted by the way she did that. I can kinda see why Nina got dumped...Also, the singing portions did get a bit tiresome at times. The visuals were sort of offensive. The commentary was also a bit offensive as well as ignorant and isolent. Why would Ms. Paley even make this a cartoon? Nina Paley is ridiculous. To those who think she did a good job, you should know that while you might've given it positive reviews to be culturally sensitive or something, the movie itself is lacking cultural sensitivity. Nina Paley needs to slow her role and control herself instead of "making a scene" and spoiling things that are important to people with her personal drama etc. I suspect Nina Paley made the film partially out of misplaced passive aggression and with a lack of regard for the many people's feelings. There were only maybe one or two things in the movie that I found to be potentially informative. I wish Nina Paley would have done a better job making this film because the Ramayana is a very important story. If Ms. Paley had spent more time focused on telling the story accurately and respectfully instead of trying to make it into a cartoon she could have made quite a contribution to the world. As of now, I think Nina cancelled out any potential good her film could do by what seems to be her being kind of a passive aggressive mocker... (maybe unintentionally). I think Nina Paley seems to have deceived people with this film that pretends to be a representation of the great epic the Ramayana. Maybe she can edit it to actually be respectful to the audience/Indian people/the World; and that would be a big step in the right direction. That and tone down the singing portions and remove all potentially offensive imagery.

Brenda N (de) wrote: If ever u wanna revisit an oldi, add this to the list, with a box of tissues!

Rain P (us) wrote: haha, Bob Hope is just wonderful! I was laughing for most of the film.

Madeline M (ru) wrote: Although it deals with superficial people, Madame de... never becomes superficial. Nor does it become patronizing: Ophuls has real sympathy for his subjects, even when he shines a light on their flaws. It's quite beautifully made.

Stella D (au) wrote: the risque lubitsch comedy was originally a controversial noel coward play about a bohemian menage a trois. fearing that film audiences weren't as sophisticated as those of the theater, the studio hired ben hecht to gut the script and very few of coward's witty lines survived. while this is a crying shame, lubitsch still manages to work a little magic with alot of help from the ever charming miriam hopkins, a free-spirit who can't choose between two friends in love with her. soon they all agree to a rather unconventional living arrangement. the male leads are an impossibly handsome gary cooper, showing some comedy skills that got little use later in his career, and frederic march, who's even funnier imo. definitely worth a watch for the stars and unusual subject matter. it's clever but one can't help wondering what might have been

semoo (it) wrote: "As of now, I take control of this island and who fucks with it, fucks with me!" Boiled down to its basic narrative constituents, Men of War is The Dirty Dozen meets Dances with Wolves - or, for a more contemporary audience, Avatar meets Rambo. One has to admit, it seems almost superfluous to review action flicks featuring such stars as Dolph Lundgren due to how bad and distinctly unremarkable they usually are, but Men of War is a different specimen. Against all odds, this entry to the mercenary-on-a-mission subgenre delivers exceptional action attached to a well-written script and an interesting story that's not half-bad by generic action flick standards. This is not high art, nor is it Best Picture material, but that matters not - this is a badass, technically sound and infinitely enjoyable instance of action cinema. Dolph Lundgren's role here is burnt-out, jaded former mercenary Nick Gunar who's encountering difficulties adjusting to civilian life. Not long into the film, Nick is hired by the Nitro Mine Corporation to persuade the natives of a South China Sea island to give up their home in order for the corporation to mine the island's valuable resources. Nick reluctantly accepts, and heads to the island with a team of mercenaries. However, the natives prove to be more tenacious than the team presumed, and, over time, Nick and a few of his friends become charmed by the natives and their way of life. The group is soon fractured, as each man is forced to choose sides. Needless to say, it isn't long before the utopia is transformed into an all-out war zone. Men of War is in many ways a throwback movie, as it recalls older mercenary flicks such as The Dogs of War and The Wild Geese which possessed a strong moral centre that prevented them from being simple bloodbaths. The screenplay for Men of War does not rush through the characters' change of heart like some action vehicles do; Nick's seduction by the island takes time, and the action is sidelined until the explosive climax. This alone raises Men of War above something like The Delta Force (a Chuck Norris vehicle). Perhaps the successful fusion of action and drama can be attributed to highly respected scribe John Sayles (Sunshine State, Eight Men Out, The Howling) who had a hand in writing the script. Men of War is not exactly Sayles-lite, as there is a satisfying amount of sardonic wit and amusing asides. The cinematography by Ronn Schmidt is easy to admire as well; the stunning vistas afford the film a sheen that belies its status as a straight-to-video action vehicle. Yet, do not get the wrong impression: Men of War also delivers in the action department with a wallop. There are sporadic bursts of action throughout the film, with the first third featuring a great Muay Thai boxing match as well as a fun barroom brawl sequence. Granted, there are pacing and tonal problems during the middle third when the team are shown bonding with the natives, but the movie gets back on track with a rousing climactic battle in which people are dispatched with bullets, grenades and bazookas. It all culminates with an exceptional one-on-one scuffle between Dolph as Nick and Trevor Goddard as Nick's rival Keefer (who appears to recall Vernon Wells' Bennett from Commando). Director Perry Lang did an impressive job with the action; it's gritty, hard-hitting, violent and coherent, despite a few technical goofs (a man shot with a bazooka literally explodes into paper confetti). A lot of blood is spilt during the climax, which should satiate action enthusiasts and gore hounds. In the acting department, Dolph delivered an amiable performance that provides the picture with a solid core and a protagonist you can care about. This is not Oscar-worthy stuff, but it's above the usual standard for the genre. The cast is loaded with several other badass performers, including Kevin Tighe (Road House), Tiny "Zeus" Lister, Tom Wright and Don Harvey among others. Trevor Goddard is suitably hammy and over-the-top as the villain, while B.D. Wong is impressive as the native who helps Dolph and his men kick some ass. Also worth mentioning is Catherine Bell - she's terrific eye candy, and her acting is sound. For a straight-to-video motion picture, the acting is highly impressive - in fact, it's difficult to believe that this is a STV movie. On the other hand, for all this praise, Men of War is not perfect. It's a perfectly acceptable diversion which rises above the ordinary, but it's nothing too substantial, and the storyline is both clichd and predictable no matter where you turn. The characters lack depth, as well. In spite of its shortcomings, Men of War is far better than expected. I'm positive that most, if not all people will write off the film as a cheap and nasty time waster, but it's more skilful than you may initially think, and it's a shame the film was buried by Miramax at the time of its release (reportedly, the film was not initially intended to go straight-to-video). If you can get your hands on a copy of this movie, it's definitely worth it.

Joe M (it) wrote: Great Sci Fi Movie about a Fake Mars Landing..Very Cool for it's Day James Brolin, O.J. Simpson star