Memoirs Of An Invisible Man

Memoirs Of An Invisible Man

After a freak accident, an invisible yuppie runs for his life from a treacherous CIA official while trying to cope with his new life.

The movie follows Halloway, a Wall Street analyst who becomes invisible after a lab accident as he is chased by the rogue CIA agent David Jenkins who wishes to recruit him for government service. Halloway tries to escape, and gains help from a filmmaker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael K (mx) wrote: There is something strangely appealing about a film that can be described as a poor Hollywood-style action flick as well as a furious anti-american statement.I don't know whether or not the irony is intended but it is certainly there: this film is like a parody of awful Hollywood productions, including racial prejudice, total polarization and blind nationalism - but everything is upside down! Meet demonized American villains and rightous Muslim heroes!The unsusual perspective alone certainly doesn't make it a good film, however, and neither does the strange contrast between american style and anti-american zeal. In the end, the interesting set-up really is the only reason why this film might be worth watching.

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Kilo D (ag) wrote: There are some great moments that mainly occur in the third act; however, the romance aspect is not convincing, the story lags at times and the energy in front and behind the camera is sluggish. Not that the source material is McCarthy's best--it's beautiful, but, "Blood Meridian", "Suttree", "Cities of the Plain" and "The Road" . . . Anyway, if one is a Cormac fan the adaptation is worth a look but is unworthy of any praise.

jeff r (mx) wrote: Dated but fun. Love this movie. It's funny to see Hollywood when they were starting out.

Alyssa D (ru) wrote: I remember watching it so long ago. I cried and cried... It's a must see if you are a Benji fan. It's soo teary and that I highly recommend it..

Carl W (nl) wrote: Just a team of local kids fighting the establishment! Three things:Bike racing, an awesome soundtrack, and possibly the best dance scene ever.

Ian C (ca) wrote: The story is textbook 80's and Cannon. The premise of an art gallery been used as a front for a smack wholesalers makes no sense. Some of the Ninja gadgets and kills are comedy gold. I nearly coughed up a lung when the assassin goes into the jacks in his 9-5 clothes and then changes into his Ninja gear does the kill and then changes back. The little kid and granny are the balls and the latter kicks some major ass. A serious twitch off Ashley Ferrare.

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Robert B (nl) wrote: Take a typical 50's pulp western add in James Stewart with a decent supporting cast ( ex:a very young Col. Potter aka Harry Morgan) and you get something a bit more. At time sit reminded me of the later 1970's John Wayne films, a bit more gritty towards the end as the film's beginning is very 50's Hollywood. I don't think the film makers ever intended to make a "classic" film but they came very close.