Memória Viva

Memória Viva

Documentary about the artist Aloísio Magalhães.

Documentary about the artist Aloísio Magalhães. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex B (it) wrote: Interesting, accessible, comprehensive, unsensationalised documentary about the attempt to degrade the Iranian nuclear enrichment programme using malware. Well worth watching, whether one is a computer security professional or just an interested onlooker.

Diana S (it) wrote: I had high expectations for this one. Unfortunately, Drona was kinda boring. It started off slow and I know every movie has to start off with explanations and all but it had been too boring that by the time the action started it was hard to get into it. I did yawn once or twice during this movie. It sucks because I love Abhishek but neither his nor Priyanka's performances were praiseworthy. The one good thing that I can say for this movie was that Kay Kay Menon did a great job of creeping me out and that I really liked the song "Oop Cha". Other than that, this movie couldn't be saved. :(

jay n (br) wrote: Suffers from too many plots and not enough focus.

Kimberly W (br) wrote: It was very good, definitely better than the first!

Al M (nl) wrote: Partially found-footage, My Little Eye is an entertaining little horror film about a group of people who answer an online reality show ad that requires them to live in a house together for six months without anyone's leaving. A series of webcams broadcast their lives to a subscription-based internet site. The film jumps quickly from the online ad to the final days of the group's predicament as things begin to take a decidedly sinister tone. Featuring an early appearance by Bradley Cooper (his first film after Wet Hot American Summer), My Liftle Eye features genuinely creepy moments and is engaging throughout. Not great by any stretch of the term, it is a solid little film that explores the voyeuristic aspect of the human condition and our desire to see torture and death years before Hostel.

Fred T (de) wrote: Superbly acted, notably by Michael Pitt, Nick Stahl, Leo Fitzpatrick & Renfro (RIP). It's bleak and at times disturbing look into the lives of a group of nihilist and tormented teens that could very well exist in our own lives. This true crime drama is a triumphant work of art by Larry Clark. Leaves you dazed and elated. A must see!

Dimitri C (kr) wrote: Angelina Jolie IS Lara Croft. But despites some interesting additions from the souce material, "Tomb Raider" is nothing more than an "Indiana Jones" movie with a woman.

Ivan K (br) wrote: Nothing too special, but it's entertaining to watch. It could do with a little more explanation.

Jared T (mx) wrote: Funny but a little slow and short, Waiting For Guffman is an awesome debut for Christopher Guest.

Lynda M (jp) wrote: One of the classics of the 20's, that is very hard to find or see. Near 80 years later and this can still be admired by anyone who has a good understanding of film making.

Alison C (mx) wrote: Matthew Goode never fails to impress me. I liked that he wasn't afraid to get ugly. The writing of this movie was really nice. The story is told with many snippets of information out of order that leaves it up to you to fit the pieces together. I appreciate that kind of subtlety in story-telling. Like it seems at first, Tom has a strange fixation or fear of fire maybe because of a car accident he was in but like many of the film's twists, it is so much deeper than that. I liked the artsy shots. It had humor and sweetness balanced well with grief and pain. Really liked the style and the transitions with ironic juxtapositions. For instance, a scene of Tom in bed with his wife, adoring her breasts is inter-cut with a hospital scene of a doctor feeling her breasts and finding cancerous lumps. That's quite a statement. It wasn't something I would be anxious to revisit but I really appreciated it.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: Slightly superior to the previous chapter of this tiresome long-running series, this sixth Saw film is, of course, immensely gruesome and brutal but surprisingly intriguing sometimes - and it is also inadvertently hilarious; try not to laugh during the final scene.