Memórias do Cárcere

Memórias do Cárcere

Graciliano Ramos' period he spent in prison after being considered a subversive element by the government.

Graciliano Ramos' period he spent in prison after being considered a subversive element by the government. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michelle M (de) wrote: Loved It..learned alot about the gentiling of the horses. Its a situation.

Andrew L (es) wrote: The most profound, emotional and excruciatingly raw music documentary ever made, chronicling the life of one of the arts most important figures.

Richard L (nl) wrote: A powerful coming-of-age story that parallels the 1973 military coup in Chile that installed Pinochet to power. Gonzalo Infante (Matas Quer) is a privileged boy who becomes friends with the poor student Pedro Machuca (Ariel Mateluna) after the priest (Ernesto Malbran) who runs the boys' school he attends begins to integrate rich, poor, and racial diverse students. The friendship between Matas, Pedro, and Pedro's cousin Silvana (Manuela Martelli) is used to explore these divides, leading, sadly, to tragedy in the aftermath of the coup.The movie is full of humor but unblinkingly surveys the issues of youth and the troubling circumstances occurring at the time. Especially depressing are scenes of bullying and racism, often committed by characters the viewer may have come to sympathize with.

Logan M (jp) wrote: It's almost as funny as its predecessor, but the story is far from being as memorable.

Zo B (gb) wrote: donny osment is so HOTTTT in this its all with him yeah

Zachary B (nl) wrote: Ma Vie en Rose (1997) Director, Alain Berliners, makes his feature film debut in the heartbreakingly poignant yet perseverant French film?Ma Vie en Rose. Emerging actor Georges Du Fresne plays the role of Ludovic Fabre, a young soul yearning to make sense of the mix-up of XY chromosomes he feels was dealt. Extraordinarily dramatic yet comedic and buoyant at times, the film submerses itself into the everyday life of a heteronormative Belgian community that is turned upside-down with the revelation of a member facing gender identity disorder. The Fabre family; headed by award-winning actors, Michele LaRoque (Hanna Fabre) and Jean-Phillipe Ecoffey (Pierre Fabre), struggles to find absolution and peace as Ludovic broods over the onset of his gender confusion. Ma Vie en Rose is a film true to its purpose and is an ambitious and original attempt to portray the difficulties one encounters when trying emulate its tagline, ?sometimes you just have to be yourself.? I felt that the emotions in the film were easily absorbed through tone and body language despite the subtitles and an ill proficiency for French. The film exposes the limits of traditional masculinity and femininity in their most raw forms. Where in the beginning the viewer finds Hanna sensitive and receptive to Ludovic?s feelings and Pierre in wild question of the virility of the Fabre men, the duration of the film poses itself as vehicle that exposes a wide range of characteristics both stereotypical and atypical of patriarchal gender roles. One might conclude an analogy along the lines of child is to adult, as dream is to reality in this Haut et Court production. Sony Picture Classics put it accurately when stating, ?The film is about differences: how a child distinguishes appropriate behavior for himself against the standards of what others consider normal.? It exposes the discrepancy of perspectives between adults and children. One also may become cognizant of the 20/20 Barbara Walters special, ?My Secret Self: A Story of Transgender Children,? as a real life example of similar scenarios in our own societies. The families exhibited have conceded to the same conclusion as the Fabre family works toward in the film; that ?boy or girl? he or she will always be their child. With the help of Le Monde de Pam, the film?s version of Mattel?s Barbie, and the feminist-movement perspective of his Grandmother young Ludovic dares to undertake?a life in pink.

Joe C (gb) wrote: Very unusal movie that is surprisingly only rated R! All the nudity involved, I would have thought it would be NC-17. Dana Delany is sexy in this movie but the rest of the cast and plot falls very flat. It doesn'tcome togther very well in the end. And just seeing Rosie O'Donnell in a leather outfit is enough to make a man go mad!!!

Tomek S (ag) wrote: intriguing and freaky. I had goosebumps a few good times.

Michael G (it) wrote: Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier and Louis Armstrong. Score by Duke Ellington, directed by Martin Ritt. Jazz musicians in Paris. This movie sounds amazing and should be astonishing, right? The problem is that its not. The fifth of the movie that actually has to do with jazz gets farted on by how dislikable Newman's character is or how little you care about Joanne Woodward's character. The whole Poitier contrived social consciousness thing where he walked around with Diahann Carrol for half the movie was dull. Not to mention the nonsensical yet predictable ending. But for as much as I bitch about this movie the scenery and photography were great as was any scene with Armstrong.