Based on Ion Creanga's book, the story of a child from his childhood to his manhood.

The film is soliloquy of a man who comes home to find that his wife and son are not at home, he assumes that they have left him and reminiscences his life with them, and scared of his life ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cole M (au) wrote: The critics are going to hate this for the sole purpose of they can't get past their implacable hatred for the man and what he did to completely change the landscape of the news. Real journalism has taken a backslide to partisanship and nepotistic approach to reporting the news. Not saying at times that Breitbart doesn't come off as an extreme, angry conservative, but when seeing a media with their hands tied behind their backs, unapologetically in the tank for Democrats and Obama, and afraid to actually challenge Obama or the outlandishness of their own party, it goes to show that maybe the only people really looking out for you and reporting the facts and the news, are the ones we never thought we could trust: the bloggers on the Internet.

Art S (jp) wrote: I hadn't expected Woody Allen's full participation in this documentary (or any documentary), given his often-discussed need for privacy (and the inevitable discussion of his private life). However, that's probably why this is a bit of a puff piece. There is a more-or-less detailed discussion of his early career and gag-focused films and then his shift into "mature" material with Annie Hall. Then, onward into the mixed bag of films that appeared in the 80s and 90s, but with little extended treatment of each one. After that, the documentary starts to jump around and at least one talking head mentions decline or drift (after Deconstructing Harry, which gets no discussion at all) - up until Match Point and his renewal. A coda talks about the success of Midnight in Paris. Throughout it all, Allen professes that he doesn't think any of his films are good and that he'll never have a masterpiece. An interview in the disc's extras suggests that he doesn't care. It seems pretty apparent that he's worked out his themes in the past (as there is pretty much no discussion of themes or content after Crimes and Misdemeanors) and now he's just a craftsman (or an actor's director). Probably that's true, but it's hard to know whether you are going to get a dud or something richer (from anywhere in his oeuvre). Way back when, I would have expected better.

Andrew P (gb) wrote: she is very beautiful and sexy ok story the locals are great but weak ending

Gisle B (kr) wrote: Of all the movies I have seen from Salman Khan, this movies stands out because he plays his role extremely well. You can feel is pain and confusion as well as his devotion for Nirgala. Although sad, the movie is great! One of the best I have seen come out of Bollywood.

Alicia K (ca) wrote: Cute little drew barrymore!

James H (kr) wrote: one of my fav films of the '90s maybe even ever great characters great plot great humor great songs great acting

Stephanie D (de) wrote: very long movie, 2 parts, but pretty good, it seems like a movie your american heritage/ history teacher would have you watch for 3 or 4 days

David W (mx) wrote: The Message: Racism is bad! Fight the Power!

Eric H (de) wrote: Dark, violent masterpiece with hints of macabre and black humor. This is how I can best describe "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia". It's the story of a drunken lounge piano player who agrees to be hired as a bounty hunter to retrieve and deliver the head of Alfredo Garcia, a playboy who impregnated the daugther of a wealthy and powerful Mexican. The film features a unique cinematography of the beautiful sun-baked country of Mexico. The action sequences are perfectly photographed, as one could expect from a director like Peckinpah. If you can get your hands on this one don't think twice, you will certainly enjoy it. All in all this film is a memorable classic that should not be missed especially by Peckinpah fans. Highly Recommended.

Taryn F (fr) wrote: Doesn't deserve a rating, movies like this shouldn't be made at all! So 0 stars!

i C (it) wrote: 7/10surprised me, it was nice

Jeff B (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Will Ferrell does a great job as Nick the dejected alcoholic on the outs, a rare serious role he handles with great skill. It is based in a Raymond Carver short story. Interesting that I am teaching a couple of his stories this semester at one of the local colleges. The film doesn't add much to the story, but it's handled well by all involved and the rapport between Nick and Samantha (Rebecca Hall) as well as Nick and Kenny (Christopher Jordan Wallace) is enough to carry the film.Who would think that a guy living in his front yard after having his stuff thrown out by his irate wife, would be enough to carry a film. The three main characters create an intriguing triangle, but the neighbours and his sponsor add the necessary spice and intrigue to make the film worth the while.It has its interesting twists, but it is the growth found between the main characters, their support of each other and their love, when it gets down to it, that drives the film and makes it quite enjoyable. Not an all time classic, but a thoroughly enjoyable film for anyone looking for a little distraction from their own problems.

Bruno V (us) wrote: Great like the First Rocky , for me ...i wish i've had seen more boxing , then only the Final 8 minutes . But the story was entertaining to ...his love for Adrian , Coach and So ... SOMDVD

Paul N (ca) wrote: I wasn't expecting Citizen Kane, but that really was quite poor...