Memories of a Marriage

Memories of a Marriage

Karl Åge and Regitze host a summer garden party for close friends, their son, and his family. Karl Åge is quiet, detached; Regitze is spirited, lively. He thinks back: love at first sight during the war, living together unmarried, her mother's hunger strike when they won't baptize their son. Regitze is passionate and forthright; she speaks her mind. He remembers her inviting a derelict for Christmas dinner, and the man shows up with five bashful friends. He recalls her taking on their son's teacher when the man slaps the lad. He remembers her love of dancing and his fear that his social clumsiness might end their relationship. Now, in twilight, he has other things to face.

Karl Åge and Regitze host a summer garden party for close friends, their son, and his family. Karl Åge is quiet, detached; Regitze is spirited, lively. He thinks back: love at first sight ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (es) wrote: Well I thought this would be good but no turned out to be a very low grade horror that's not even scary. It's like watching the high school drama team put together a movie. Terrible!

leah f (br) wrote: one of the few movies that ever made me cry in front of my peers.

Paul P (kr) wrote: Separated into two sections 'Fiction' and 'nonfiction'. You could say the first story is Todd Solondz direct response to his critics with Selma Blair playing Solondz himself, Leo Fitzpatrick playing his characters, the teacher playing the critics and the students playing the public. The second story is an interesting one. I like the idea of this one, all the actors are very good. But sadly i didn't care to follow any of these characters. Not saying i have to like them but it wasn't exciting or entertaining in the least. So when all the craziness that starts happening like usual in a Solondz film its flat and dull.

Jason S (au) wrote: Anything with Greg Kinnear SUCKS. Like Mira Sorvino

Dan M (fr) wrote: I like this movie, but it takes on too many issues and it does so at unrealistic lengths.

Christopher W (br) wrote: A charming Tim Burton flick. Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi is casting at its finest.

Augustine H (de) wrote: Bizarre yet somehow forgettable to me.

Steve H (jp) wrote: Could it be possible this was the inspiration for LARPing? The battle scenes certain give the possibility credence.

Mark S (br) wrote: one of the weirdest movies I ever have seen but rather interesting at times. This is one of those "I can't look away it's so weird" movies. Great scene where an American solder punches hitler in the face. I don't think that's ever happened in a movie before. REALLY WEIRD and STRANGE.

John M (es) wrote: If you had asked me, ten minutes after watching this movie, I would have given it four and a half stars. I'll admit, it was thought provoking and a tear jerker. You felt for the characters. And Chloe Moretz was wonderful. But as I tried to think about all the good things in this movie, the bad seemed to overwhelm me. The most glaring problem is the music aspect. It's obvious that the writer knows nothing about music or musicians. I highly doubt that a musical family with musical friends and the main character having a musical boyfriend, would never have played together before the backyard party scene. They made it seem like, because she was a Cello player, she was an outcast. That's probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. Don't believe me, just go over to YouTube and type in "Cello Rock" And you'll see what I mean. And then there's the boyfriend who, just like her father, was in an up and coming rock band (what a coincidence). He's about to go on tour, yet is annoyed that his talented girlfriend might be getting in to Julliard? A school that she didn't even want to apply to? What the hell kind of alternate reality is this? Which brings us back to how she started playing to begin with. Her father, an up and coming musician, who made enough to raise two kids and own a home, had to sell his drum set and quit playing so his daughter could have a nice Cello? Not one bit of that makes sense. Sure, if she were an only child and they were living in a van, it would make sense. But they seemed to be living a comfortable life. And most music shops will allow you to rent to own the really nice musical equipment like Cello's. And don't even get me started about how the hospital treats her friends. I'm sorry, but you have a patient in a coma, you let everyone in. Not one single hospital would stop a boyfriend from seeing his girlfriend. In fact, that's one of those old rules that hasn't existed in ages, "family only". Hospitals know that visitors are an important part of the healing process and they let everyone in. And if you're in a critical care unit, even more so. So this movie had a nice premise, that failed in the end, because of writers who didn't bother to research the material.

Jesse M (fr) wrote: Not a faithful adaptation, but is still fun as a Stallone sci-fi actioner. Rob Schneider was a big casting mistake.

Ken S (gb) wrote: Solid sci-fi B-movie about a cop from the future sent back to 1985 to save the ancestors of the leaders of his future world, whoc are being hunted by a mad man who controls people by turning them into Trancers, which are essentially his own army of mind controlled minions. It is a solid sci-fi action movie that clearly has a low budget but never reaches beyond it's grasp with it's effects. Fun B-movie, lead by two leads that commit to the story, elevating it beyond your average low budget schlock.

John S (nl) wrote: Quality of story is so so. But the visual and the world surrounding is spectacular. As a fan of space opera I'm giving it a 5. I'm really hoping for a sequel.