Dr. Taylor Biggs is haunted by a past that's not his own. A hallucinatory drug gives him the power to see visions of vicious crimes, visions made all that more disturbing when he discovers that the murderous memories may belong to the father he never knew . Biggs's mother, whose own failing memory makes her powerless to help him unravel his family history.

A medical reseracher teams with a retired doctor to root around in the genetically stored memories of a serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Memory torrent reviews

Elisa T (ca) wrote: Du rire, de l'emotion et de bons acteurs...

Matthew I (es) wrote: Shoot me now. I cannot believe that Disney could put out two failed films in a row. This is ridiculous at best. The story is flat, the animation is all over the place and the music absolutely sucks. Give me a break Disney. This was also supposed to be Disney's last traditionally animated film, but things changed five years later.

Thomas J (kr) wrote: This movie tries too hard to be "artsy" and the story gets lost in that process. It is really good compared to most gay movies. Several characters are just almost unbearable!

David W (ca) wrote: Ice Age stands for a wave of Blue Sky's animation department and for it's rich animation plus the lovable Scrat

Jonathan R (de) wrote: Better than Spaceballs, not as good as the real Star Trek.

RetroMagFan (mx) wrote: Very bad direct to video film that offers bland script, crappy characters, no scares and defiantly no fun at all.

Nina S (ca) wrote: Even in 1932, Ozu's sensibility was fully formed. The camera work was fluider, but those shots of trains going by were already there. This movie was touching in inself- the classic moment when children realise their father is not perfect- but also a little grim in that the boys's dreams of being generals, in 1932, might become the reality of being soldiers in WWII.

Rhonda W (es) wrote: it was a good movie, you knew what was going to happen, but it still had you on the edge of your chair

David S (ca) wrote: I attempted to watch Killing Them Softly three times and fell asleep all 3 times. The 4th time I made it all the way through. This is one of those films that critics tend to love, I believe it received a 74% on Rotten Tomatoes. This time I sided with the audience who gave it a 44%. KTS is a crime thriller that didn't have many thrills. I love crime movies but KTS just didnt do it for me. I like slow burners but KTS is REALLY slow. Even the heist in the beginning of the film is slow. The pacing of it just drags so much and it's only a 97 minute film, with credits. I was pretty disappointed in Killing Them Softly, and I was looking forward to it. Pretty big letdown for me, others may enjoy it though.

Jose Luis M (jp) wrote: Una fbula que pareca imposible de contar.

Stacy G (us) wrote: I really liked this movie but the violence in it was pretty harsh! That didn't keep me from loving it!