A successful, womanizing middle-aged man decides to move out of the house he shares with his wife after she confesses to having an affair. He looks for a new place to live and ends up moving into his wife's lover's apartment as a roommate. The husband begins to take an interest in the artistic work of the lover and coaches him for a big job interview. Little does he know that the job he's helping the lover to get is within his own company... A story about strange circumstances and the limits of friendship.

A man's wife leaves him to take up with an artist, so the man responds by becoming the artist's roommate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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stephanie g (us) wrote: something wicked this way comes is very good

Thomas S (nl) wrote: While the film is limited by both its pacing and lack of originality, Jaws 2 holds its own through solid character development and well drafted action scenes

James M (it) wrote: A good crime thriller with Walter Matthau playing against type. Recommended for all the fans of 70's thrillers like The French Connection, Dirty Harry, etc.

Russell S (br) wrote: About 30 minutes too long, Harold Lloyd dips his toe into this experimental, choppy early sound movie. The final act is a lot of fun but the pace is often too slow and plodding. I'd love to see the silent version of this as I'm sure it would be a big improvement. Harold's character is not very sympathetic early on but becomes much more likeable as the movie continues. After barely putting a foot wrong in his previous movies, it's the fans and those who are just curious who will likely get the most out of this movie.

Ms A (nl) wrote: I loved this more than I thought I would.

Johan L (it) wrote: It`s a good film, the little boy plays his part well, and Willis as always, fine.And, i really do recomment this one.