Men In Black

Men In Black

Men in Black follows the exploits of agents Kay and Jay, members of a top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth. The two Men in Black find themselves in the middle of the deadly plot by an intergalactic terrorist who has arrived on Earth to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies. In order to prevent worlds from colliding, the MiB must track down the terrorist and prevent the destruction of Earth. It's just another typical day for the Men in Black.

James is recruited by "K", a veteran of a clandestine government agency secretly policing the comings and goings of aliens on planet Earth. Nicknamed the "men in black" for their nondescript uniform of black suit, shoes, tie, and sunglasses, the agents are assigned to recover a bauble that';s been stolen by an intergalactic terrorist. A sci-fi adventure comedy about two top secret agents with the everyday mission of policing alien activities on planet Earth. The Men in Black';s current assignment: to stop an intergalactic terrorist from making Earth his next victim. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rick R (kr) wrote: This is not a gripping story. It's a collection of cliches, 1980's bad Korean animation with steroid pumped action figures whose only purpose is to operate mechs to sell a seiries and merchandise. H.G must be rolling in his grave to quote another cliche.

Ashley D (gb) wrote: It's strange to hear a Yorkshire accent in a horror movie it was worth watching not particularly scary but just enough to keep my interested

Terry C (fr) wrote: China currently has enough influence on America w/o us watching movies about their struggles

Brad S (br) wrote: There were pieces of a movie here, but an awful lot of uninspiring ones with the few interesting moments. Yes the cinematography, production design and music were interesting and often times beautiful. But it wasn't enough to sustain a good cinematic story for me. Felt like a short film / music video stretched out over 105 minutes.

Scott J (kr) wrote: It's so dark you can barely see what's happening once it starts to go down. *I know it's in a blackout, but still* And I doubt much of Mr. Zahler's script actually made it in.

Sari P (us) wrote: Injustice in 1930's Southern states it doesn't come any more compelling than this. Warning, though. The movie is a little slow moving movie that tells how court room fight happen.

Jimmy P (fr) wrote: A rise and a spectacular fall. This movie makes those Jersey Shore kids look friendly in comparison. And ego? Oh there is ego.

Bengel W (br) wrote: Filming detail ensures that the actors are superbly observed as they fool around in this comedy. The score gives a charming tingle to the laughter caused by the well written script. As the story unfolds the entanglement becomes a romance and friendship that gets more and more out of control making for an unrealistic yet fun entertainment. Nibbles: Rhubarb and Custard Candies.

JJ D (gb) wrote: I want to see this cuz it hav 'Snoop D O double G' in it

Jon H (fr) wrote: Twisty but fascinating neo-noir about a private detective who tracks down a runaway, and ends up sifting through corpse after corpse that follows. Don't miss this!

Mike E (us) wrote: there's nothing like this one. the only reality TV i'll ever like.

Jim H (ca) wrote: After the death of her father, a daughter of a revolutionary joins a band of traveling musicians and actors before leading a revolution of her own.The best that I can guess about this film is that it's a satire of revolutions or revolutionary films. Many of the scenes are so over-blown and beyond practical conception that it's impossible to take them seriously. However, I can't be sure. The satire is far from clear. What is clear is how utterly annoying everything about this film is. The characters are broadly drawn types, the situations are ludicrous, and the attempts at comic bits are as bad as anything I've seen. I found myself counting down the seconds this film had left, and watching it became a chore.Overall, I hated this film even though there might be a mystery satire somewhere beneath all the bullshit.

Malcolm M (kr) wrote: Basic plotline been done to death but will judge when i see it

T Patrick S (nl) wrote: Don't watch this. Just don't. It comes from the lesser side of campy.