Men, Money & Gold Diggers

Men, Money & Gold Diggers

Caleb Peterson has it all-a great job, plenty of money, and a fine fiancée in former model Paisley Terrell. They're all set to get married just as soon as she signs a prenuptial agreement, ...

Caleb Peterson has it all-a great job, plenty of money, and a fine fiancée in former model Paisley Terrell. They're all set to get married just as soon as she signs a prenuptial agreement, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason T (fr) wrote: It's a fun little crime drama but the movie falls apart last 20 minutes. I enjoyed the performances and story loses its focus towards the end.

Irene S (jp) wrote: a cute movie about going to your 10th year reunion of high school and seeing how many people have changed for the good or bad and who has stayed the same. old romances, crushes and attitudes change and evolved.

DJ J (nl) wrote: dull, slow, boring.... not my taste

Sakae I (us) wrote: I am not American and don't know what are proms like, but there seems an old tradition going on in Mississippi. This is not the problem of racism, but of conservativeness in the countryside. Unfortunately, there were a lot of ridiculous traditions remaining in any countrysides including my neighbourhood.

Russell Q (es) wrote: The Big Year is a really good movie! It is really funny, touching, and great! One of the best comedies of 2011. From David Frankel (director of The Devil Wears Prada, and Marley and Me), comes a really funny movie that has three great comedians. In The Big Year, three men are at crossroads in life, Owen Wilson (Cars, Cars 2), plays Kenny Bostick, a birder who is having a mid-life crisis with his wife Jessica (Rosamund Pike, Pride & Prejudice). Another one has a work-life crisis, Stu Preissler (Steve Martin, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles), is head of a company and plans to retire. The third person, Brad Harris, (Jack Black, Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2, School of Rock, Tropic Thunder), has a no-life crisis and wants to do something big in his life. Now all three men decide to do a Big Year - a competition to see who can find the most species of birds in North America in one whole year. Kenny, Stu, and Brad are turning this huge quest into one funny, entertaining, and awesome competition. The Big Year will make you laugh, smile, and happy! This is a perfect movie for the whole family!

Christine D (br) wrote: So loved it. Great storyline. Jack played this character so well. The realization of overcoming your past/fears to move on.

Alex V (br) wrote: This movie was what i thought troll 2 and the room would be, which had funny parts, but were altogether boring. With Mac and Me, one never stops laughing due to the constant ridiculousness of what is occurring on-screen and the absolutely abysmal character models, which are just too funny to be taken remotely seriously. Brainwashing ads aside, this is a truly hilarious film (albeit, unintentionally) and my pick for the best worst movie ever.

david t (fr) wrote: i would like to see this one..

Jose O (de) wrote: An absolute classic. Who has not seen Maurice do not know anything about gay cinema.

William W (us) wrote: Not my favourite Fassbinder on first viewing; I feel as though I need some more time with it before I can adequately judge it.

Pavan R (es) wrote: A fast pace police chasing criminal action flick..Kotto and Quinns interaction on screen is central....probably woouldve been much more interesting and entertaining when originally released...but still a good watch today!!

Greg W (us) wrote: nothing like I thought it would be like 'short circuit' was more like a Spielberg pic 'super 8' or 'close encounters'

James H (ca) wrote: Lost in translation is a good film but in my opinion it doesn't have anything special enough for it to be great. The acting is compelling and convincing while Coppola's direction, behind the camera, is good and I thought it was a fascinating character study for the most part but the movie should have been braver with its choices. It keeps hinting at something happening between Murray and Johansson but nothing serious ever actually materialises, despite their chemistry. Slightly underwhelmed for what I was expecting.