Men Only

Men Only

Men Only is a provocative two-part drama about the dark side of modern masculinity. What do men want, what do women want from them, and can the two ever be reconciled? Our men are a five-a-side football team from South London. Only they're too old, too slow, too under the thumb at home to waste their precious Tuesday nights kicking a ball around and losing every time. So the football stops and the excitement starts. They begin in lap-dancing bars, but soon they want more. Porn. Violence. Sex. Class A's. What happens on Tuesday nights should never go home. But one night they finally go too far, and the two worlds look set to collide

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Scott J (nl) wrote: It focuses more on the cultural influences of Night of the Living Dead and its influence on the culture after its release, and it doesn't really add any new information about the film or its creation that die-hard fans (like myself) don't already know, but it's an interesting view, for sure.

Alice S (us) wrote: I was expecting this McCarthy-Bullock flick to be a raunchy farce, but it's actually a pretty solid buddy-cop movie about friendship, ethics, and redemption.

Alex G (es) wrote: this is a cool movie

Stephen S (gb) wrote: Excellent film. This is an absolute gem.

Paul E (ru) wrote: enjoyable british crime caper. yes te script is hidden beneath way too many swearwords, but it plays well, with likable characters .

Heath N (br) wrote: Easily one of the funniest unintentional hacker movies ever made.

Phillie E (au) wrote: Fun and smart satire that's enjoyable for all audiences.

Keaton B (de) wrote: Mark Borchardt embodies the indie filmmaker all of us -- myself included -- want to be. Chris Smith's filmmaking communicates a lighter aura around the Wisconsin town where Borchardt lives and makes his films. I want to get "Coven" now -- I heard the VHS sells online for ten dollars.

Anthony I (br) wrote: A cookie-cutter politician finally has had enough, and rises from the establishment expectation and speaks his mind by using an irreverent, slightly vulgar, down-with-the people style of rhetoric. Whoa, is this the Donald Trump story? Or maybe it's the Bernie Sanders story? Bulworth was a shock-wave of a movie back in 1998, when American politics weren't straying far from it's disingenuous roots. Between the Clintons and the Bushes, it was as phony as ever. But today, Bulworth is more timely than it has ever been. Every politician right now is doing 'the Bulworth", even the creepily calculated Hillary Clinton. Art is imitating life once again. What was once a spit of fire in a quiet room has become a political revolution. On all accounts, this movie has every right to seem as excellent as I'm making it sound. But despite it's Nostradamus effect in terms of politics, everything else about it is dated. Warren Beatty does a decent job, but I can't really buy him as the rapping politician. He sounds like the granny from The Wedding Singer. He can't hang. The stereotypes of South Central LA are also in full force here, despite it's attempts at humanizing the community. Oh yes, the divide between classes and races is as big as they've ever been at this very moment, but the sophistication of the conversation has changed dramatically. It's a lot more complex now than 1998 had it, and so, to that extent, it's dated. The writing as a whole also loses it's edge slightly after an hour in, and becomes a series of romantic, political-drama conventions. I have to say, though, the very beginning and very end of the movie are fantastic.

The M (ca) wrote: This was way cooler than most give it creed for.My only dissapointment is the final scene. The rest is hardcore!

Karen H (jp) wrote: 2014-11-08 rewatched for 2nd time

Blake S (ag) wrote: I turned on the TV and this was playing on the HBO comedy channel. I went to look for something else to watch and pulled up the guide it the top right corner this stayed on screen and I ended up liking it to my surprise. Its almost entirely set in this cabin and is almost nothing but the two main characters talking but it's very interesting. Each year something different happens and they learn more about each other each year and fall in love again every year. It's an situation where love is an escape, a vacation from everyday life and each year they meet each other and help each other through the next year.

Private U (nl) wrote: Mind-numbing shit. Terrible acting and the film just pointed out the flaws in the story of Hedda Gabbler. Really weird and cheaply made... like watching 1970's porn.

Nik P (ca) wrote: An erratically-rambling social commentary with surrealist turns that takes on too much and ultimately offers little more than a solid McDowell performance, a nice Alan Price score, and an insight into how ugly the 1970s was.

Safie D (gb) wrote: Even the title gives you a idea of how funny this movie can be!

Mole M (de) wrote: Loved it when it first came out. But we'll datedvnow

Joonas V (mx) wrote: Suurin ongelma tss melkein viihdyttvss tuotoksessa on se, ett aivoja ei voi jtt narikkaan. Jos nin tekee ei heikosta kerronnasta saa sitkn vh irti, mit tarkkaavaisella seuraamisella voisi saada. 1 thti hyvst alkuryminst ja bonuksena 0,5 thte taidokkaasta Stevenin kaksoisleuan peittelyst.