Menino Maluquinho: O Filme

Menino Maluquinho: O Filme

The adventures of a little, nutty boy of unique personality and traits who finds comfort at his grandfather's farm, after his parents are divorced.

Once upon a time there was a little nutty boy... who turned out to be a very nice guy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Menino Maluquinho: O Filme torrent reviews

Dylan M (es) wrote: Who the hell would want to see this effing crap? It has a squeaky one (Fred), a mean one (Kevin), and two nice ones (Bertha and Talia). I hate it! Do not watch! Unless you want to watch Fred jerking off on a frigging TV screen!

Kieran B (ag) wrote: I always wondered what a shotgun shell would do to a person's head.

Suresh K (kr) wrote: Hi All, Must watch movie for all age groups! Super star in a different "Avatar" unilke his other movies.Climax scene is a big surprise:) "Thalaivar Rockss"

Andrew M (nl) wrote: Behind the terrible quality of the film-making and acting (with the exception of Katherine Heigl, who did well given the circumstances), I thought it was an interesting look at the prescription drug industry.

Nicklas J (it) wrote: The funniest movie I've ever seen! Just brilliant! Classic comedy at it's best and incredible performances from the whole cast! And I love the singing parts!Too bad it's only available in Sweden, no one should miss this!

Frank D (it) wrote: definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I enjoy the retail setting of this comedy

Caleb M (ca) wrote: A high-spirited caper that maintains it's cheery and innocent sense of fun all the way through the (highly entertaining) end credits. I'm not the biggest Pfieffer fan, but she is excellent here, and Matthew Modine and her share some charming onscreen chemistry. Bladwin is hilarious in a small role, and Oliver Platt gets a lot of laughs popping up every now and again. This, like Demme's The Silence of the Lambs, feels very much like a community project, and you can tell everyone had a say in their creative elements from Tak Fujimoto's photography and Demme's invisibly effective direction, the the actors' performances and the hairstylists. It all comes together to create a pretty joyful, and memorable, farce.

Bruno L (es) wrote: Boring documentary. As a fan of the band I am very disappointed. It only shows them fighting all the time.

Paul D (mx) wrote: No matter how many times I see this movie, it always creeps me out a bit. I think Robin Williams is amazing in this movie. Certainly not for everyone, but I really like it.

Danny M (ru) wrote: This is amazing. Why have I never seen this before?! Never laughed and cringed so much in my life!