Mennesker i solen

Mennesker i solen

Four self-centered people spend midsummers eve in a campsite. Concentrating on their own bloated egos, they are unaware that the world is, in fact, ending.

Two Norwegian dysfunctional, though very normal, couples go on a beach holiday to Sweden, just to experience the first day of their holiday is to be the last day of their lives... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve G (au) wrote: Plot info. desired: Why did Shira not desire the widower? It appears as if he was sensitive, loving & would have made Mom happy? Was there much of an age difference? Widower appeared "sharper" than "promising young man"....?Possibly the Director should not have cast the widower in such a favorable "light"?

Greg R (fr) wrote: If they decided to stick with the original ending I probably would have given this movie 4 stars cause I think it's a genius finale. However, as it is, this didn't really leave much of an impact on me.

Scott N (nl) wrote: If you ignore the stupidity and the predictable clichs that this film puts across, it's actually pretty enjoyable.

Stephanie S (gb) wrote: It's an enjoyable movie, however it's not particularly exciting or groundbreaking. It it comes on free to air TV I'd sit through it, but I wouldn't actively seek to watch it again.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Never saw a movie that either both or one of the Coen brothers was involved in that I didn't like.

Christian M (ag) wrote: Artistic and true to the book.

Araxie Esme R (it) wrote: A little slow and definitely melodramatic, but saved from being soap opera fodder thanks to a a solid plot and the subtle, emotional performance of the great Lilian Gish and company. A very simple plot that unravels nicely. What can I say? I'm a girl, I laughed, I cried, I cheered for the poor battered Anna. If you can sit out the tentative begining of this 2 hour+ film, stick around for the end, as it's pure movie magic.

Leong C (ru) wrote: Fairy tale superstar flick, supported by strong performance from its cast...

jordan c (it) wrote: cast had a flow and made me and everyone I know saw a true friendship come alive in this fast and exhilarating movie.