Lupita Montero, a young singer , tries to break into the art world which is always hostile and complicated. Skillfully she knows a great entrepreneur of a record company who promises to make her a big star. The image of the young man begins to change, it is very frequent. Logically they end up falling in love and think it will be a great love, but in that environment everything is so complicated that Lupita decides to leave everything, both the love of his life and his career.

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Mohd S (ag) wrote: The first chapter of Amateur Porn Star Killer is an ok movie for me. Nothing surprising me at all.

Yifan C (fr) wrote: Good idea but i wish it had more budget.

(us) wrote: Sword FIght is AWESOME

Carlito G (es) wrote: Has a charm not existant in movies today.

Reid V (br) wrote: Miike's film tells a story of wonder, of finding yourself in the most unlikely of places, and of the encroachment of modernity. While most people praise this film for its lack of brutality which permeates most of the other films in Miike's cannon, as a stand alone film I found it a little underwhelming. While I enjoyed many of the themes that this film explored, I found myself at a distant from what the characters were experiencing. There is a sense of serenity that flows over much of the film. While this makes for some beautiful moments, it unfortunately makes some of the more pivotal scenes feeling lifeless and hard to really immerse yourself in. Maybe it is a cultural thing. Could it be that all of the melodrama I ingest on a daily basis has rendered me unable to really appreciate emotions that are a little more understated? Who knows?But until I grow up a little bit or give this film another viewing, I will sadly be remembering this film with little enthusiasm.

Dia T (nl) wrote: Very beautiful dream-like movie!

Larry W (ag) wrote: This was a pretty good 90s rescue movie. haent seen it in a long time, though.

Michael M (jp) wrote: I'm a big fan of pre superstar Tom Hanks movies like "Dragnet," "The Burbs," and "The Money Pit" and who grew up in the 80's and didn't like John Candy but this movie didn't really do much for me. This probably explains why I'd never watched it until now. A lot of much better comedies were released in tge 80's. I'd watch one of them instead.

Ryan P (nl) wrote: It's almost cliched Hitchcock: innocent man, falsely accused, on the run from authorities; encounters & continues journey with a blonde - who distrusts him at first, but, you know, they end up loving each other; espionage themed; et al. All fine, but it doesn't work due to a lack of noteworthy performances (the major problem for me -- the leading man played here by Robert Cummings is just not charismatic enough to carry the film), ludicrous plot developments, and it's a huge bore (at least coming from the master of suspense). Major highlight is the Statue of Liberty set piece at the (brusque) end. A mostly forgettable film in the Hitchcock cannon.

Anna B (kr) wrote: The first couple of acts of this make for an extremely slowly-paced yet somehow compelling hangout movie, where not much happens but you just fall into its rhythms and want to keep watching these characters. Honestly I could have watched a whole movie of Howard's character trying to get through to Damon's; the actors have a surprising amount of chemistry, and the blindfold-food-tasting scene is quite extraordinary. It makes the supposedly romantic ending seem like a bit of a wet fart in comparison.

MF J (us) wrote: Watched this film ages ago so i don't remember much but i liked it back then so i guess i should give t a go once again.

Shawn R (it) wrote: Weird but entertaining movie