Mera Saaya

Mera Saaya

A lawyer's wife dies in his arms. Yet, another woman - identical in appearance and accused of aiding a gang of bandits - claims to be the lawyer's wife. A courtroom drama ensues.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:remake,   dual role,  

A lawyer's wife dies in his arms. Yet, another woman - identical in appearance and accused of aiding a gang of bandits - claims to be the lawyer's wife. A courtroom drama ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim H (jp) wrote: Ok but not oscar quality

Private U (nl) wrote: Y esta es la segunda, por la que Cillian Murphy es uno de mis favoritos. Una de las pelculas ms transgresoras que he visto.

Mike M (de) wrote: If you know your Asian cinema, it's a little Jia Zhang-ke in its site-specifics, a little bit Tsai Ming-Liang in its moist intimacies and cavernous, water-damaged spaces (there's even a watermelon cameo), but generally gentler than either: one of only two missteps Assarat makes here is a moped montage set to a treacly love song. Otherwise, it's an airy proposition, susceptible to changes of currents and tides, which stretches back, takes in the view and - up until a last-reel act of violence that throws the whole slightly off-kilter - finds something worthwhile and cherishable in the calm after the storm.

Kurt F (de) wrote: 2/27/16 Good story. Interesting characters. Some slow parts, but not too many. I enjoyed it, but it won't stay in my memory like some of the more classic "gangster" type films.

Dann M (es) wrote: How do you improve on Stephen King? Well you can't and to try to do so would be folly, as demonstrated by the re-make of Maximum Overdrive, Trucks. In this version several trucks mysteriously come to life and start attacking a group of people at a local Nevada tourist center. The tone of the film is way too series and the acting is incredible poor. A lifeless, dull scrap heap, Trucks is an atrocious adaptation of Stephen King's work.

Ron H (de) wrote: Light entertainment with a little of the charm that made Tom Selleck a fan favourite. A predictable storyline didn't and doesn't matter...particularly when considering the formula crap coming out of Hollywood. Critics and haters will have their day in the sun...but on the grand scheme of things light humour and films that don't take themselves too seriously are refreshing.

Christopher M (us) wrote: Always wanted to finish this movie that I started at least four times. Decent but over directed - as usual - by Schlesinger.

Enrique S (fr) wrote: Una muy interesante pelicula de guerra dirigida y protagonizada por Sinatra, quien aunque cantaba mas de lo que actuaba o dirigia, logra conmover y entregar una historia de unos soldados japoneses naufragos en una isla que enfrentan a este peloton de norteamericanos que se estrellan en su C-47. Es un buen clasico del cine.

Veniea T (br) wrote: All CLASSICS are GOOD

Anjul G (de) wrote: boring film... just stuffing the film with ppl whose lives are falling apart doesnt make for a decent viewing.. here the multiple characters arent even connected well...

David L (ca) wrote: Tough one to rate. This had moments of brilliance mixed with parts that seemed to go off the rails in what is a very warped storyline. Labelled as the demented killer off his girlfriend, Radcliffe seeks to uncover the lies and deception all around him to establish what exactly happened that fateful evening, and to clear his name of any wrongdoing. To help in his cause, he awakes one morning to find he has grown a pair of devil like horns that force the people he is around to confess their inner most secrets. As well as hearing many unnecessary yet amusing truths, he slowly realises that those he trusted most turn out to be the ones to be feared. What makes this movie so hard to take in is not just the hellish undertone to it all, and the far fetched super natural effects, but the fact that it's Harry Potter that is involved in it all. I still struggle to believe that our normally innocent wizard now has a fag in his mouth, is having sex, and intoxicating himself with gallons of liquor. Once I'm past that, it's still an odd creation to be honest, with appearances from Satan like creatures just topping it all off in the concluding parts. In a way, it does piece together quite nicely but despite it being somewhat logical and clever, I was never 100% sold on it. I did enjoy the horror moments, and the whodunnit style plot, but when combined with pure fantasy and a heavy drug culture like train spotting, I'm just not sure what genre this was actually trying to be. Unique to say the least, and one of those you just have to see to believe.

Carlos M (ca) wrote: The jumps in time can be a bit distracting (even though I understand the point and it makes sense for the film to be structured like that), but this is a very sad, tragic story told in a very honest way and with excellent performances by Ryan Corr, Craig Stott and Anthony LaPaglia.