Mercury Man

Mercury Man

An ancient legend tells of two holy forces Lunar Mercury and Solar Mercury that will create an indestructible power when combined together. Usama, an international terrorist had studied the secrets of the legend and wants the power of both forces for his own evil deeds. During a rescue mission, one of the holy forces, Solar Mercury becomes accidentally embedded into the body of Chan, an unsuspecting fireman, giving him superhuman strength and powers. As Usama and his terrorists plot to destroy the world. Chan becomes MERCURY MAN and learns to control and use his new powers to save the world. A battle between Good and Evil begins...

When a supernatural substance embeds itself in the body of an unsuspecting fireman, he is transformed into the superhuman Mercury Man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mercury Man torrent reviews

Tara R (br) wrote: Gave it a star cause it made me laugh... Even though it wasn't really supposed to

David U (jp) wrote: Mostly entertaining enough, but gets more melodramatic and more dumb as time goes on.

Timmy H (fr) wrote: i got a little bored, but can see why some people like it.

Ryan V (es) wrote: Decent sequel with Christopher Lee and Bette Davis terrorizing our twin heroes.

Anthony I (ag) wrote: It tries way too hard to be a disasterpeice alla "Troll 2". But sometimes, when something is meant to be bad, its just bad, period. "Bad Milo" delivers it promise, but never attempts to be remotely funny with it. Even the Anus jokes are lacking. That alone is bothersome because by that point, you should be just reaching for a laugh no matter how surreal.

Ben L (br) wrote: Atonement is a period piece that shows how a series of misunderstandings can potentially destroy a man's life. When you look at the cast list you will see why the biggest strength of this film is the acting. James McAvoy has some particularly complex emotional moments and I thought he handled them brilliantly. The story structure was a concern for me, because it was a bit disorienting and sometimes made it a challenge to see what exactly was going on when. It didn't flow particularly because of how they would replay scenes from a different perspective. Once I was comfortable that I knew what was going on within this strange narrative I was fully engaged. The setups and payoffs in the first half were pretty obvious, but that didn't stop them from being effective. When we break into the third act is when my interest really waned. I was more interested in the relationship stuff between Keira Knightley and McAvoy, but the film decided it was time to show us the devastation of war. There is one sequence that goes on seemingly for ages, and the only reason I could find for this scene to be in the film is that it is trying to convince us that war is hell. It just didn't fit in the rest of the movie I was watching. Without delving into spoilers I will just say, the conclusion is tough to accept, but I think that speaks to my investment in the characters leading up to that point. Atonement is certainly a beautiful film with amazing performances, but the story failed to deliver all the way from start to finish for me.