Mercury Undercover

Mercury Undercover

Documentary - MERCURY UNDERCOVER exposes the cause and effect of the well-hidden evidence of mercury contamination as seen through the eyes of doctors, scientists, environmental experts and mercury poisoned survivors. - Charlie Brown, Jonathan Emord, William Glaros

It is a gripping tale that will make you think twice before you eat your next catch-of-the-day or plan your next visit to the dentist's office. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mercury Undercover torrent reviews

Cheryl L (es) wrote: Disappointed expected more from this movie. Cast were slightly irritating. The odd funny parts but really not the best storyline.

Ali A (ru) wrote: removing much of its aspects and only putting in "inspector rahore" who comes to the village to clean up some bad guys could make the overall movie much better in this way akshay would have been competing with salman khan and ajay devgan who had previously played the roles of super cops.

Candi B (de) wrote: Serbian zombie movie! The actors all spoke English with heavy accents and at times sounded a bit like Inspector Clouseau. Unfortunately the movie theatre was full of loud teenagers in the front, who's laughing drowned out half the dialogue. The zombies looked good, but the acting was clich (C)d. There was a moment at the end when the main guy told the main girl "Good Job" and I expected him to put on his sunglasses like Horatio Caine. But overall a good laugh and a passable b-grade zombie movie.

Ty L (kr) wrote: Thuy, the 10 year old girl actress make this movie bearable with the poor cameramen work throughout the movie.

Baju H (ca) wrote: Une petite comdie bien sympa sur le monde des colos!!! Animateur beau gosse, animateur m'en foutiste, animateur psychologue, animateur transparent, animateur dbord, choisis ton style!!!!

Miguel R (ru) wrote: Cheap animation and an uncreative script make Monster House a horrible attempt at a family horror feature

Gena D (jp) wrote: This movie was fun and the ending was one of those "The Incredible Machine" moments when everyone works together for a perfectly planned down to the second hiest! Loved it! Sad I hadn't heard of it sooner. Looks like a bunch of young actors got their start with it ;)

(it) wrote: This is a pitch perfect romantic comedy with a wonderful script and strong performances throughout.

Don S (nl) wrote: This is a spoof of sword and sorcery movies. Spectacularly awful, but exactly what I was expecting considering it was produced by Troma. The acting is horrid, but it is because the dialogue is just so melodramatic and over-expository to make up for the lack of money for sets and effects. Adding in a bit of T&A, this is the type of movie I remember watching at the local drive-in every weekend while I was in high school. Dont get me wrong - this is wretched, but it is supposed to be. Heck, even the Demon Sword looks like a plastic dagger. Though I give it 2 stars because it is what it is, I would recommend you watch it if you are a fan of B-movies (or like the old drive-in theater fare). You wrote this on 9/21/08.

Mychal S (ru) wrote: An interesting film experiment that has its moments, but is mostly flat. Still very intriguing to think about though. Worth watching.

Scott R (fr) wrote: Quirky tribute to b movie westerns. It was memorable and a little fun.

Mary H (mx) wrote: Frank Sinatra is the only reason to watch this forgettable film.

Wilson M (us) wrote: To be honest, I do not know why this movie has such a low rating... I loved this movie because it was part of my childhood that I will always remember. The movie was funny, intense, and interesting. I loved everything about the movie!