Mercy Streets

Mercy Streets

Estranged twin brothers - one a con man, the other an Episcopal deacon - accidentally switch places... and find God in the process.

Estranged twin brothers - one a con man, the other an Episcopal deacon - accidentally switch places... and find God in the process. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas B (mx) wrote: **A sequel with some great action and the welcome entry of Harrison Ford. However, it's thinly scripted story and underdeveloped characters stop this third in the trilogy from being as good as the second installment was. That being said, it's still a lot better than the original.

Rebecca J (es) wrote: Basically 'Miss Congeniality' light. Not bad, honestly, but I can see why it went straight to video. However, the guy is way hotter than Benjamin Bratt and not as sleazy too...! It's sort of emblematic of the reality that Miley Cyrus will never be taken seriously as an actress until she stops doing movies produced by her mother. Time to de-parent.

Javier S (it) wrote: Una cosa es oir acerca de los conflictos entre judios y arabes y otra cosa es ver las implicaciones practicas que tiene esto en la vida de un padre de familia ingles que se ve forzado por las circunstancias a mostrarse super tradicionalista ante la comunidad arabe al mismo tiempo que es llevado de la mano para conocer el estilo de vida de la comunidad judia en el londres moderno.Tiene flashes de un humor interesante y a pesar de lo delicado del tema consigue reir delicadamente de los dos lados sin necesariamente tomar partido por uno de una manera intolerable.El final si es como que copy right DEUS EX MACHINA productions pero a pesar de eso es un buen rato el que estos actores te van ha hacer pasar

Nicholas S (it) wrote: A great family film from Bollywood, a story of redemption, love, and forgiveness.Great actors throughout the film. The extras are very good as is the soundtrack, although one song is truly played way too much in the the film, even though it is really a theme song for family.

Mark A (br) wrote: A very slow paced, quiet little film from Singapore that interweaves three separate stories together into a coherent whole. When I say quiet, I mean that literally. The dialog is sparse, with the bulk of the interaction occuring without anything spoken. The themes are loneliness, unrequited love, and secret longings. The characters are well drawn and one never loses the sense of the film in spite of the austere nature of its unfolding. The emotions play out with genuine heart and one feels empathy for each of the characters. The film suffers however, from a lack of any real focus. It appears to be a vehicle for introducing us to a real, flesh and blood woman of outstanding courage and accomplishment, and did so in a most oblique way. This viewer felt that the material would have been more direct if the biographical information had been left out, or had been developed as a separate documentary. As presented, it did little to inform the central themes and one felt like there wasn't enough story for the film to stand on its own. It was almost as if the biography was inserted to stretch the film to something closer to feature length. Watch it for a view of life in this tiny asian nation, and for the message it conveys even in spite of its flaws. Just don't expect heart stopping action or witty dialog. It's not there.

Ignacio A (fr) wrote: Primera pelicula de Hsiao-hsien Hou que veo. Y no ser la ltima.

Steve S (jp) wrote: Just a childish, boring film that would make most politicians vomit and leave the room.

David P (nl) wrote: Better than a lot of video game based movies. It's decently done, I just didn't feel much of a connection with the characters and it's not a film, I personally, could watch again and again. If you like zombie flicks and/or a fan of game, you definitely will like this.

kim w (es) wrote: I saw TRAIN OF LIFE on JEWISH LIVING TV last week thinking it was just another HOLOCAUST movie. This film used comedy and drama meshed together to create the ultimate wish list. TRAIN OF LIFE is the story of an EASTERN EUROPEAN shetle or village that builds their own train from a shell of a train they purchased. The plan is to cross into RUSSIA through UKRAINE and over to PALESTINE [just the plan alone should have knocked me over the head]. The story goes through the train's almost capture and convincing a NAZI outpost to supply food for the train. It is entertaining, well acted, and the hope that never was for so many villages.

Joseph B (mx) wrote: It looks very nice and the actors do fine, but that's where the quality ends.Sexism towards women and men; the pretension of the proper, well-off white characters; all the romance tropes in the book; and just being boring, unfunny, and outdated are present throughout this meager narrative. The end isn't completely bad.

Lydia F (ca) wrote: I was surprised at how similar "The Birdcage" is to the original French film--some scenes are almost shot-for-shot. In any case, very funny.

Kurt N (nl) wrote: Very good! I'd love to see it again. I really love adventures like this one, discovering lost worlds.

Jo Y (gb) wrote: I dojn't think so...NoNo

Poo B (de) wrote: The story is good, really good...the acting is shit, really shit. It starts out really horrible, with lousy acting and bad editing but slowly progresses and you get sucked into the stor, but boy is it bad acting. But the story is really good and it keeps the movie going and keeps your interest, and when it's all those bad parts, you can just take a moment and think about being blind, deaf, paralyzed and unable to communicate. I'm sure it was a good book, and the author should stick to books, because movies, he can - not.

Eric H (it) wrote: An enjoyable but rather crazy surf movie featuring the sights, dances and songs of that early 60's era. It's a vintage American International (Orion Pictures now) B-Movie drive-in comedy laced with laughs, morality & music fun.