Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence

During WWII, a British colonel tries to bridge the cultural divides between a British POW and the Japanese camp commander in order to avoid bloodshed.

In 1942 British soldier Jack Celliers comes to a Japanese prison camp. The camp is run by Yonoi, who has a firm belief in discipline, honor and glory. In his view, the allied prisoners are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evgenia F (jp) wrote: Visually stunning. Besides that, it is a rather schizophrenic film. The first half gives you the impression of a linear story with a plot; I even thought that it's going to tackle some of the political issues at hand. The second half is purely poetic, almost Tarkofskian in nature. If that's your thing, you are going to love it, but you are not going to learn anything about this area of the world from this film and you might not understand much unless you are already familiar with it.

007 W (de) wrote: Happy feet in my opinion is good

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Jarrod R (nl) wrote: It's just fine....3 Mel Gibsons

Susanna M (mx) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed it. Esp the closing credits with Psy.

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