• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:1934
  • Language:Hungarian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:love,   luxury car,  

A light hearted comedy, from the thirties. One of the most successful ones in Hungary. The ever enchanting story of a beautiful girl falling in love with a rich man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Meseautó torrent reviews

Alastair W (jp) wrote: It's on the iplayer right now great band

Alnissa S (nl) wrote: It was a great story and was funny.

Amanda P (es) wrote: Watchable film. Rahul Bose proves again that he could do any kind of cinema. Surely, he's a director's actor. Mallika Sherawat didn't do that much of a good job. She really needs to work on her makeup more than her acting skills.

Brad G (kr) wrote: A great romance with some comedy here and there and even if he is a prostitute the truth is that most people are afraid of their feelings, and if you don't take a chance you may regret it.

Ryan D (kr) wrote: Sniper 2 drops everything Sniper 1 did so well. All the ghillie suits and camoflauge stuff is gone. Its cool to see Tom Berenger in the role again but the movies a disapointment. The movie had a very cheaply made feel to it, and the first movie wasnt a big budget film by any means so that says a lot.

Stephen O (ca) wrote: Really one of the worst movies ever made, saved only my the Monty Python influenced moments with nuns who try to turn a car over with a cross while driving on a volcano. I saw it at the Toronto film fest and even the director struggled to explain the nuns.

ivan t (fr) wrote: good movie and I like the trailer

Martin T (es) wrote: I see this as almost a rehash of His Kind of Woman. Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell, exotic tropical location, light-hearted noir. It's pleasant, and the leads have enjoyable chemistry, and it's nice to see William Bendix and Gloria Grahame. But it doesn't pack much punch. The movie just seems to amble along from scene to scene without much sense of progression or escalation. The direction by von Sternberg is pretty hands-off, with only a few scenes (like the chase on the docks) really standing out. Fun but forgettable.

Andr D (gb) wrote: La primera gran pelcula protagonizada por Humphrey Bogart es un oscuro relato escrito por John Huston y dirigido con mano firme por Raoul Walsh acerca de un ex-presidiario que se ve obligado a cometer un ltimo crimen y que ve su oportunidad de redencin en dos mujeres. "High Sierra" es un maravilloso aperitivo a una gran carrera actoral y es toda una obra maestra del cine Noir.

Jenny S (mx) wrote: je suis gnreuse pour celle-l

Thomas W (jp) wrote: This B road movie is directed by, written by and stars the who-ever-knew-he'd-be-a-triple-hyphenate (?!) Jason Momoa -- Khal Drogo of 'Game of Thrones' -- as a Native American drifter named Wolf who is wanted by the law after he avenged his own mother's death. After hearing that the law is looking for him, Wolf takes to his motorcycle and sets out on the open road in search of a life of freedom he is unable to obtain on the reservation. On Wolf's trek out west, he meets some people he can take life lessons from including a discarded drunkard (Robert Homer Mollohan) and a lonely woman (Lisa Bonet - High Fidelity) who needs a jump ... for her car. Bonet has few scenes here, but the chemistry between Momoa and her is authentic as they are a real-life couple off screen which is apparent when seeing them onscreen. Wolf is tracked by a couple of FBI agents (Lance Henrikson and Timothy Murphy) who might be on the side of the law but are not necessarily good people. Road to Paloma is not a great film and Momoa isn't a great director (but give him time) but I appreciated the attempt the film has made to give a voice to the forgotten and downtrodden Native Americans Momoa also must find important. Several Native Americans have brief bit parts in the film and Wes Studi (Last of the Mohicans) co-stars as Wolf's lawman father. It is too bad that the film isn't better ... I was wanting more for this one.

Ryan W (au) wrote: As a big football and British film fan I loved it, a 90's favourite of mine that I can watch time and time again.

Harry W (us) wrote: Poor acting, Poor quality audio and some parts seem just uttertly ridiciulous. Luckily, Since i'm not a k*ntmuching critic, i've come to expect this from a low budget 80's fight film. Guess what? I liked it.Borrowing themes from the karate kid, No Retreat, No Surrender is a piece of independent gold. The fight scenes were choreographed incredibly well, therefore giving the film a good name, because thats all a low budget fighting film requires.Youngster Kurt Mckinney Shows promise as a different type of Daniel Larusso, and The creators of this film were smart enough to identify Jean-Claude Van Damme's peformace before he moved onto bigger budget films. The endless breakdancing and scenes training with the ghost of bruce lee (Yes, its quite odd at this point) turn it into a piece of teenage violence, romance and random other stuff.The audio quality is rather poor though, in that you will be able to identify the film's low budget by listening to the film, rather than watching it. Still, awesome mainly because of the classic training montage and the song that went with it