Metal Skin

Metal Skin

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:115 minutes
  • Release:1994
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   murder,   dream,  

Psycho Joe, a petrol-head from Altona, Melbourne, secures employment at a local Supermarket. Here, he meets the over-sexed Dazey. Joe and Dazey form a friendship based on a mutual interest ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jouni U (mx) wrote: A Hollywood imitation with the plot. But still it is great to see that they can do great war movies also here in Europe.

Priscilla U (ru) wrote: You can't get up from this movie without pausing, or you'll miss a clue or 3.

Per H (jp) wrote: Den perfekta road movien om tre kvinnor som ska ka till Los Angeles och var en av dom har sina brdor att bra p. Hebert Ross (tyvrr hans sista film, han gick bort 2001) har gjort den perfekta filmen som passar bde till kvinnor och mn med tre starka skdespelerskor Goldberg, Parker och Barrymore som spelar dessa tre starka kvinnor. Mary-Louise Parker levererar en strlande insats som den sjuka kvinnan som vill ta en sista resa innan hon dr. Verkligen en film som stannar kvar hos en lngt efter man har sett filmen och dom har hittat den perfekta mixen emellan humor och allvar.

danita s (es) wrote: Meryl Streep has never looked as stunning as she does in this film. The entire film looked stunning. The story, however, was a little disjointed. It needed more coherency.

Gordon B (fr) wrote: This old school ghost story is an eerie and effective concoction that blends theatrical flare with Japanese folklore.

Farah R (fr) wrote: There's nothing particularly special about this romantic comedy.

Tim S (ru) wrote: Seriously, why do people hate hate this movie?

Joel R (it) wrote: This is without a doubt the worst movie I have ever seen.People often say that as a hyperbole.But I honestly mean it, no other movie has made me so angry.Simply put: it is a movie about an awful human being avoiding all chances to be a good person so she can have sex with her cousin (who she has no reason to be attracted to for any reason) The movie is well shot, well acted and well made, which makes it a shame that the plot is so horrendous that I still get sick to my stomach thinking about to this day.F**k this movie and it's creepy wish fulfillment plot and total waste of an interesting setting.I have personally never seen a more irritating movie.

Ethan P (mx) wrote: The Ides of March succeeds on the talent of its two charming leads and its compelling story. It is an engrossing political thriller.

Kristin L (ru) wrote: I really enjoy this, even the 3rd viewing, especially the black & white classic, artful intro.