Roper, a hostage negotiator catches a murderous bank robber after a blown heist. The bank robber escapes and immediately goes after the man who put him behind bars.

The movie follows Scott Roper, a wisecracking hostage negotiator of the San Francisco Police Department, as he is gone after by a murderous bank robber whom he caught after a blown heist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James B (au) wrote: It was incredible to see the video of these drawings and to hear about the discoveries that have been made in the cage. My only real complaint is that it was a bit long. Really great subject matter though. Just incredible to see the details in the art.

Toshie U (kr) wrote: something new, but I got sea sick!HAHAHA.........

Lindsey B (ag) wrote: Excellent film! The dynamic of Rickman and Mos Def is great. A little odd hearing Rickman w a southern accent, but good none the less.

Joel H (br) wrote: After a late night at the theatre, I cannot help but look back over recent movies I've watched. First of all 'Pauly Shore Is Dead.' This movie is right up my alley. I was excited. I was pumped... and I was disappointed. So many great cameos and such a poor execution. Ah well...great seeing the multitude of actors and actresses that contribued to the film. Napoleon Dyanamite. It's flippin' sweet. This is one of those movies that truly grows on you. It isn't the most exciting movie I've seen recently, but it is hilarious in a dark and clean sort of way. Highly recommended. Garden State. This movie was just plain outstanding. It has been overlooked by other solid B-Side movies out this year (See Sideways and Being Julia), but it is still an amazing effort and performance.

Sam M (fr) wrote: Great car chase but of course there are weaknesses that overshadow good parts like said chase.

Nadia C (fr) wrote: Stupid movie. Not necessary boobs scenes. Just glad I've seen Julianne Moore in one of her first movies.

Matthew M (ru) wrote: I had no idea what to expect and that is why I purchased the VHS. The tag line was funny "Remember Him Before he Dismembers You!". At first glance you can tell that this film literally rips off scenes and the soundtrack of Halloween. I can take some similiarities in movies but this goes beyond the point. The theme sounds way too similar and the beginning especially is taken from Halloween. Of course the film does have some funny moments. The random really fake looking nose and ear, The slow motion shoot out at the end and most notably the funny scene between the cop and a kid looking at porn. The kid as a joke says his name is Ben Dover and the cop doesn't get it untill the kid runs away. The best part is the kid is credited as Ben Dover in the credits. That would piss me off if I was kid and later saw the movie or knew what it really meant down the road. Anyway the movie is fun in someways but it also pissed me off. It is a slasher film that too closely resembles one of my favorite movies. The quality of the DVD was bad almost as bad as the VHS but I had to get the DVD because the VHS made a buzzing sound.

Melissa H (jp) wrote: If you love camp, you'll love this one. I did. Your mom will NOT think this is funny, however.

William W (us) wrote: Little did cinema realize when it happened just how much Sergio Leone's first two entries of 'The Man With No Name' trilogy, in making spaghetti-western versions of Akira Kurosawa's 'Yojimbo' and 'Sanjuro', would be an influence, today, 50-odd years later. It could be said that in the fervor of Italian directors going from one filmmaking trend to the next (from the neorealist agenda of 'Ossessione' and 'Rome, Open City', to swords-and-sandals epics, then spaghetti westerns, then the crime films of the 70's, then space invasion films, such as this, after the huge global success of Sir Ridley Scott's 'Alien' and George Lucas' 'Star Wars') has had almost as much an influence on cinema as the groundbreaking game-changers that initiated this mass-production. It taught virtually all filmmakers that with a fraction of the huge Hollywood budget, a couple of ideas could be extrapolated into a much cheaper film that could ride on the coattails of success of its way-more-famous predecessor.Being nostalgic, there were some things that really scored big for me and made me raise my rating: Seeing the Twin Towers of New York City again, the Goblin soundtrack and the Cannon Pictures logo, especially. It's a suspenseful, well-made for its expense sci-fi film that isn't simply worth a watch, but is worth owning a copy and re-watching as well. This is most definitely one of my finer finds from my ominous Mill Creek 50-pack, 'Nightmare Worlds'.

Sarah (jp) wrote: Well...this sounds like an interesting movie now doesnt it?? :D

B m (jp) wrote: Started off good but lost steam in middle. Ending was predictable..

Adam F (it) wrote: Loved when he fought 10 people and beat the crap out of them

Allan C (ca) wrote: Kind of weak anthology horror film, but it has it's charms. Emilio Estevez listening to punk rock is a nice nod to his "Repo Man" past. It's also got a good cast that includes Veronica Cartwright, Richard Masur, Lance Henriksen, Lee Ving and William Sanderson. I think I like the final giant killer rat story the best.