A film based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Wild Swans" about a princess who rescues her eleven brothers from a spell cast by an evil queen.

A film based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale "The Wild Swans" about a princess who rescues her eleven brothers from a spell cast by an evil queen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon L (fr) wrote: Better than the 2nd, but not close to the first.

Joo A (au) wrote: Filme digno de Oscar.

Jace M (es) wrote: This is a good movie. Maybe not high art, as few movies are. But very watchable and certainly entertaining. The art style is crisp, colorful and clean. It will appeal to children and adults who are familiar with Pixar style movies.All the reviews that talk about it being a knock-off or imitation of recent movies are entirely off the mark. The story told here is simple, heart warming and has a strong moral compass - yes. In that respect, it imitates. It has the same core elements that any good story does. An unlikely but determined protagonist, an evil antagonist and a diverse ensemble of unique supporting characters who contribute to the story. Yet, it is as different from any recent animated movies as Brave is from How to Train Your Dragon. The story told is different - though it may be simple, as it is in most of these movies.Justin's journey from push-over to knight is not a grand saga, but it's a fun little romp with charming and well animated characters.Particularly I enjoyed Talia, Melquides and the kinda-gay-but-maybe-just-fashionable Sota. People complain about the humor being off. I'm sorry, but laughing did not occur to me. Being entertained did. Usually physical humor doesn't elicit laughs from anyone but small children. I think it's a well made movie that I am tempted to give 5 stars to even out the ridiculous low ratings it is receiving by people who're obviously unable to accept that companies outside the USA can make decent animation.Target audience is probably anyone between 6 to whatever age someone starts being a grumpy fart and unable to enjoy innocent fantasy. It's a movie for children and teens, but adults can enjoy it too. I like this movie and I recommend it heartily.

Kerby H (us) wrote: A pretty random movie. It's ever so slightly funny in some scenes and just unwatchable in many others. It's turn from LARPing into a horror film was unexpected but it was much better in the second half.

Adam W (gb) wrote: This silly little film is far too strange for its own good. Set in a world so abstract (it feels as if youre in a punch and judy show) Josh Hartnett and a Japanese man that looks like a woman jump about punch and kick there way through paper thin sets and villains.Obviously inspired by Sin city Bunraku fails completely and feels more like a cheap and nasty rip off confused with what its supposed to be..

Jerrod O (br) wrote: Typical love movie.They fall in love, the have a fight, they make up. The end.

Private U (br) wrote: UN FILM INDEPENDANT GENIAL...

J J (fr) wrote: Seen only a small bit, wanna see it all.

Juliet M (kr) wrote: One of the greatest films I have ever seen. (Twice)

Bobby D (br) wrote: Rodan is probably one of my least favorite Toho movie monsters but this film (his & her debut) is one of the scarier Golden Age monster movies as The Rodans in full nesting mode fly around the world and eat people. And if that isn't scary enough as they beak people to death there are some really creepy horse sized caterpillars. The action is also better as fighter pilots dogfight the Rodans. Inside the cockpit views that wouldn't be seen again in a Toho monster movie for almost 30 years.

Karsh D (ru) wrote: Easily the worst version of this much used storyline. The whole courtroom scenario was just too bizarre. Shame, as I quite like Dougray Scott but this was just plain awful

Jacob F (ru) wrote: This "film" is absolutely disgusting. The acting is poor, the direction is bad and relies on shock value. The actual animal killing and rape scenes are despicable. I get the films message about extreme journalism but it's totally wasted by the directors actions. "I wonder who the real cannibals are" really? The director might as well be yelling look how artistic I am! at the camera. It's a horrible film.

Scott R (ru) wrote: An interesting role for Hackman as the tough guy private I.

Noname (br) wrote: Good thriller movie with Luke Wilson and the lovely Kate Beckinsale. They got some car problem and staying at a motel but some very weird stuff going on there.. This movie is not so violence and gory but excitement and i like this type of movies so i enjoyed it. Worth seeing

Nicholas L (au) wrote: A simple robbery movie turns out to be something more complex. Not a very credible plot but thanks to a reliable cast (especially Mark Strong's intense performance), you will go along with the ride.