Mga nakaw na sandali

Mga nakaw na sandali


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Iy N (kr) wrote: Seen at Hot Docs 2012

kyo 9 (au) wrote: The story itself is very poignant..As a muslim, I see peace is still reachable between two states..However, there are some conditions that need to be clarified in order for the peace agreement to be honored.. And I guess, that is the biggest wall both countries need to abolish it..

Jennifer K (au) wrote: the trailor i've seen is inspiring. love spaulding gray & steven soderbergh is a brilliant film maker. looking forward to seeing this film giving spaulding gray his final monologue.

Nancy The Shieldmaiden (nl) wrote: This would be good if Kim Basinger wasn't in it.

Scott W (kr) wrote: Just for the title I've got to see this!

Seanser S (mx) wrote: Surprised that this film has not gotten more credit than it's due. Nolte has never been one of my favourite actors but in light of this performance, I have to say I've undergone a major reassessment. This is a wonderful film and he has carried it in riveting fashion from start to finish. Paul Schrader is of courseis known for his writing credits on Taxi Driver and Raging Bull. This has overshadowed his directorial work in which to be fair has produced a couple of absolute gems including this film!

Isabelle W (ru) wrote: Clint criticando o poder absoluto de certos personagens polticos.

Al P (ag) wrote: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melody S (mx) wrote: Much more serious and respectful than I expected. Mariel Hemingway was supercute at this age, and I think I could watch Anne Bancroft yelling "Obbbbbb-jection!" on a loop, lol.

Xavier C (ca) wrote: The plot is nice. Seeing ways that the characters are uniquely vulnerable was useful for exploring their character traits, more so for some than others. The opening action scene is really weak compared to what comes later in the movie, mainly because the fight sequences are good to the point that it's hard to measure up. The runtime is perfect; it's relatively short, but it uses its time very wisely and doesn't have any unnecessary filler content. There are unfortunately a couple lines of dialogue that fall flat entirely, seeming unnatural or pointing out the obvious for no good reason. At times it was both.

John P (au) wrote: This film is certainly one of the strangest I've ever seen. It is unlike anything I've ever seen, so it's a bit difficult to review without any point of comparison. I am glad I saw it, but would not watch it again.