Mia Sarah

Mia Sarah

In the half-light of a an old stately home, Samuel Davila and his grandfather Paul, once a revered writer, create schemes to repel the latest in a long line of psychologists come to cure the grandson of his severe agoraphobia: some delicious biscuits with added spice, a refreshing glass of water with added laxative

In the half-light of a an old stately home, Samuel Davila and his grandfather Paul, once a revered writer... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sourav B (kr) wrote: Excellent . though some parts are inspired from Man from earth and ghost rider.

Tasmin S (gb) wrote: After seeing that this film had arrived on the film section on my television I was intrigued as it said the film had only been released this year. I'm seriously not surprised that this film wasn't shown in UK cinemas as it is the epitome of awful. The cast look like they have just graduated from amateur dramatics school and they bring no emotion to the film at all. You don't fully get any idea why the main character is marrying the 'evil fiance' when every 5 minutes she's kissing her 'best friend'. It is a basic attempt at comedy and romance. The cast also look like they've done their own hair and make up. I forced myself to watch it to the end but it was a pain staking experience.

Chris B (fr) wrote: What seemed to be an interesting concept was actually an exercise in patience. Skip it.

Vadim D (ca) wrote: Javier Bardem is beyond words, and Inarritu again shows mastery in his art, but the film is a bit of a letdown when taken his past work into equation. It's not as engaging, and at times too ambiguous to be fully appreciated.

Jos M (kr) wrote: Featuring a dystopian near-future, Jared Drake's directorial debut presents a compelling story with wit, while featuring solid performances from Zach Galifianakis and Judy Greer, despite the underdevelopment of some of the film's elements.

Soneil K (us) wrote: They're really good actors/actresses. I never though Kareena or Priyanka would play roles like these but they were REALLLY good!

Becky B (es) wrote: waste of time. I hated this. The only good part was her 'sneaking' around. The rest was one of the most stupidest rubbish ever. It was like castaway meet a stupid comedy movie

Jamie F (ca) wrote: This is a really good movie kept me in suspense & extremely disturbing to watch. The way they shoot the film through the eyes of the interviewer makes it seem like the confession is to you. The danger that surpresses after the confession just leaves wondering if there is still people alive that really know what happened.

Another V (nl) wrote: Minority Report is an action-packed futuristic sci fi thriller directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise.It's set in a futuristic 2054, with a lot of futuristic technology, some of which is already here. We already have thermal scanners and the early stages of biometric scanners.One of the prime themes in Minority Report is precognition. Three Precogs are kept floating in a little pool in a state of sleep, milked for their nightmares of actual murders. An enterprising guy contrived to use the Precogs, like animals, and the PreCrime Unit was created. PreCrime detection has brought the murder rate in Washington DC to about 0, a phenomenal success. Now, someone from the Attorney General's office is looking into it, with the possibility of expanding the system nationwide, which I don't see how would work since the PreCogs can only sense murders in a 200 mile radius, right? And there are only 3 of them, so in order to expand it nationwide, you'd need to create more PreCogs by giving more pregnant women the drugs that caused it, which we find out is fatal for nearly all children born this way. Dilemmas which they don't really get into in this.Detective John Anderton, whose own son was murdered before the PreCrime system went into effect, works relentlessly as a member of the PreCrime Team to stop murders before they happen. When this supposedly failproof murder detection system says that Anderton himself is going to commit a murder, Anderton goes on the run and tries to figure out what is going on and why. He is in a race against time and a race against getting caught. It doesn't help that almost everywhere he goes, scanning technologies identify him.With all the action and suspense, it's easy to overlook multiple characters who seemed to be strangely odd, possibly sexually deviant. For example, the guy who takes care of the PreCogs. He seems to especially like Agatha. And the surgeon and his naughty nurse who change out Anderton's eyes? Wow.

Victoria S (it) wrote: One of my favourite movies

Justin B (gb) wrote: For whatever reason, found footage films just work for me. Completely derivative but there are still good moments.