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Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies

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Max A (fr) wrote: Final Destination 5 is the better of the Final Destination films and has a very clever ending.

sage m (es) wrote: terribly deceptive promo poster & house name. I stopped it 2min

Steve H (fr) wrote: Excellent modern day adult themed fairy tale. That element is intertwined with enough daily trials and tribulations to make you wonder: will the fantasy remain, or will it be exposed as a fraud? It wasn't the conclusion I hoped for, but I was nonetheless satisfied

Luke B (nl) wrote: Off Road is a more appropriate title for this film. Most of it sees a group of young adults trying to get their car started. Meanwhile they are stalked by a Grizzly bear, that at least looks angry. The hilarity comes during the attack sequences. A couple of bear gloves allow for some slaps to the face and people being grabbed and dragged. There just aren't enough victims or ridiculous deaths to make this fun. The characters are annoying and when the bear is away it's just a downer. The cartoon blood effect is also overused and amateurish, which would be OK if the film wasn't so darn serious.

Robert S (fr) wrote: "We are Marshall." loved it

Yash B (gb) wrote: I actually had a good time with this film. It's very dumb but Jack Black fans will have a blast. I think it is very funny for sure.

Chris O (mx) wrote: Distant (or Uzak) is a film of two completely disparate elements. The cinematography is absolutely stunning and packs masses of simply sublime images into the film's lengthy one hour and forty five minute run-time, however, when the storyline comes under close scrutiny, the film fails wretchedly and leaves a bitter taste that cannot be rinsed and removed easily. This quandary prevents Distant from becoming anything more than simply a series of beautiful images linked together by turgid acting that attempts to be muster up some form of consequentiality yet only manages to produce a tiny morsel of what could have been a feast. The cinematography is simply astounding when we venture outside the lonely, desolate and bare apartment that the film is primarily set in. Each image of the snow-covered industrial back lots of Istanbul convey the emotion that would take a thousand words to express, and give a great sense of how distant the main protagonist, Yusuf (the late Mehmet Emin Toprak), is from the world that has enveloped him. The austere landscape could be compared to those of Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker, the vast wastelands and isolated lone entities are similar to those of Distant, yet Distant is harrowing not because the world is literally destroyed or lain to waste, but because Yusuf cannot adjust to life in Istanbul and remains an outsider despite multiple attempts to integrate himself. However great Distant's visuals are, they cannot carry a film by themselves, it needs substance. Sadly, this is made is greatly lacking in Distant. The film is so excruciatingly slow that enjoying the visuals becomes difficult because of the glacial waits between each rewarding payoff, and the reward simply isn't good enough to warrant such extortionate and relentlessly mundane exchanges between two cousins about where they are and are not permitted to smoke! This bombastic nature of the film tears the whole logic of the film apart, the viewer is meant to feel sorry for these people, yet the try so poorly to actually change their lives for the better, and bore the audience with inane and idle chat, that they end up not caring whether they continue to live a miserable and horrifically unsatisfying relationship or if they actually do something to create superior lives for themselves. A scene of animal cruelty also doesn't help charm the audience into a sense of pathos, both showing a mouse squealing for its life and being beaten to death against a wall certainly won't. Although Distant should be deemed bombastic because of its dreadful pace, its cruelty towards animals and its severe lack of pathos towards its central characters, the films beauty lies in the images it presents rather than the message it emanates. This is the redeeming quality that the film presents and ultimately it charms the audience by create images of the sublime that really can only be appreciated, no matter where they are placed, either between dull overlong scenes, or next to equally as beautifully vistas of dereliction. Distant truly is a unique watch.

Scott C (us) wrote: Interesting British drama. Tilda Swinton is always fascinating to watch.

Jiri B (au) wrote: Bill Murray carries this film along quite nicely.

DerangedAngry H (ca) wrote: a mediocre, exploitation movie that is saved by a Pacino performance so over the top that it works. The movie itself however, is mediocre at best. a muddling snorefest that seems to be more interested in glorifying the drug world of Miami rather than creating a story of any interest.

Charles P (ca) wrote: The elements of voyeurism and mystery are captivating, but once the film turns to sex and violence, I was turned off.

Laurie R (ag) wrote: All in all, this was a great pick for a date night movie, especially if you want to end up close to your date... nearly jumped in my boyfriends lap when the shotgun went off!!! Rushlights really keeps you guessing even up til the end! Not everything is as it seems-- but you won't see any spoilers from me! ;)