Midden in De Winternacht

Midden in De Winternacht

When his father cannot make it home Max is convinced that Christmas will be extremely boring this year. But then Mr. Moose crashes through his roof and he is not so sure anymore. This is a ...

When his father cannot make it home Max is convinced that Christmas will be extremely boring this year. But then Mr. Moose crashes through his roof and he is not so sure anymore. This is a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dani M (mx) wrote: Preciosa. Muy recomendable, como todas (o casi) de Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Dana A (mx) wrote: This was one of the most modern, conventional, unstereotypical gay movies ever. Definately Hallmark-y with its cuteness, predictability and fluff. This had so much charm, so much humor and so much tenderness I could care less about its Hallmark status. I loved this sweet movie. I loved the young actor Noah Bernett, all his friends, Ben Shankman and Thomas Cavanagh. The couple felt real and the child did not seem like he was acting. Sweet, original and unique, it definately took me by surprise.

Guido S (it) wrote: An assassination attempt in a square happens and is told from different angles. The story is nonlinear with each bit unraveling a little bit more of the story.Despite nonlinear story, once unraveled it is not interesting. An interesting way to present the story, but once you see the same actions over and over again, you get tired of waiting to find out what actually happened.

Arash B (jp) wrote: "Exploring the Antarctic is like exploring space. You enter a void, thousands of miles, with no people, no animals, no plants. You're isolated in a vast, empty continent. Claustrophobia and acrophobia in the same place, like two people in a bed."

Camille L (ag) wrote: Le danger, avec les suites, ce n'est pas de copier le film originel : c'est de n'avoir rien raconter. Et clairement, Bridget Jones 2 n'a rien de plus raconter que le premier et n'a mme plus de roman de Jane Austen adapter. Autant dire alors que The Edge of Reason n'est qu'un assemblage de gags souvent navrants, avec un arc scnaristique affligeant et des personnages encore plus grossirement brosss que dans le premier opus. Hugh Grant est toujours aussi drle mais il n'a que quinze minutes pour faire son truc. L'heure et demie sans lui est plus ennuyeuse qu'autre chose. Dommage.

Michael W (de) wrote: A great out there comedy jokes you never see coming. a real trteat if u can find it.

Barnaby S (gb) wrote: dumb as dog shit on a cake

Cynthia C (nl) wrote: I saw this movie at a pivotal time in my life. The year was 1994 and I was 11 years old. My daily TV fix was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and FX's reruns of old action shows like Wonder Woman, Green Hornet, and The Bionic Woman. I was just beginning to enjoy reading and had read Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire, mainly because I wanted to know what happened before I saw the film. On a lazy Saturday afternoon I turned on TBS and some weird movie was coming on. Buffy The Vampire Slayer?I was immediately in love with this movie. I watched it so many times I could turn down the sound and quote the whole thing. Naturally, I had seen female heroes before. But no one was as cool or as strong as Buffy. She was a heroine for the modern age and best of all she was young. Few children can express it but one reason kids want to grow up is because we are so dependent on adults and often view adults as heroes or saviors. Buffy was taking back the night and yet she was still a kid, with the same worries and problems of a kid.The plot of this film is stock. Bad guy comes to town(or in this case is awakened in town) and good guy kills the bad guy. Its clear that Joss Whedon has seen the 80's horror-comedies, such as Fright Night and Lost Boys, and tried to carry over the same charm and realism. But I suspect something was lost in translation. I didn't like Buffy's friends or Luke Perry's Pike at all. There was no point where I cared if they died or not. The best characters were Rutger Hauer's Lothos, Paul Reubens' Amilyn, and Donald Sutherland's Merrick! Those guys were awesomely hammy and over the top. Nothing really happened in the movie that is worth talking about. There are tons of funny things that occur but they're all unintentional(maybe?) pokes at genre tropes. My favorite part is the climax at the prom. When I went to my own prom I was thankful that badly dressed 90's vampires didn't ruin it and also that we didn't have to have it at school! Making any comparisons to the show is just plain unfair. All they really share is the title character. Honestly, if you've watched the show and haven't seen the movie you don't need to see it. For people like me its a delightful time capsule that harkens back to days past(see the scene with the "Light" Doritos!) and a reminder of where the queen of nerddom was born.

Rainer K (br) wrote: Solides 90er Jahre Unterhaltungskino in Form eines Feuerwehractionfilms mit toller Besetzung. So knnte man Backdraft kurz beschreiben und bruchte kein weiteres Wort darber verlieren.Ich habe jedoch den Ansporn mehr als solche Kurzbeschreibungen aufs Papier zu bringen, wenn ich einen Film beschreibe, und so komme ich in eine Zwickmhle. Was kann man schreiben ber einen Film wie Backdraft?Fangen wir bei den Darstellern an. William Baldwin (Ich musste gerade nachsehen welcher der Baldwin-Brder es tatschlich war - auch das sagt einiges ber die Qualitt des Films) spielt Brian McCaffrey, den kleinen Bruder von Stephen (Kurt Russell). Beide sind sie Shne eines legendren Feuerwehrmanns, der vor den Augen des kleinen Brian ums Leben gekommen ist. Doch seine Kindheit hat er mit einem milden Trauma berstanden, und beide sind sie nun selbst Feuerwehrmnner.Ein Feuerteufel treibt in Chicago sein Unwesen, und da kommt der Brandinspektor Donald Rimgale ins Spiel (Robert DeNiro in einer seiner uninspiriertesten Rollen die ich je gesehen habe), der sich Brian schnappt und zu seinem Assistenten macht. Gemeinsam decken sie eine Verschwrung auf, die bis in die Feuerwehr selbst hineinreicht.Der Plot ist silly" genug. Diese ganze Verschwrung soll wohl so etwas wie Spannung erzeugen (ich meine der Alltag eines Feuerwehrmanns ist ja nicht spannend genug), und es funktioniert leidlich.Der Film ist ok, wrde ich sagen. Leichte Unterhaltung mit vielen tollen Explosionen aber auch erschreckend viel 90er Jahre CGI-Feuer (nix gut) und einem Haufen von Montagesequenzen in Slow Motion (ksig). Die Actionszenen sind nichtsdestotrotz ganz passabel, es ist eher die innere Struktur des Dramas die mir zu schaffen machte. Ein Film der selbst nicht so recht wei was er sein will - aber hey, Donald Sutherland spielt einen inhaftierten Feuerteufel!

angel m (it) wrote: Joe Slovak is such a smart azz in this movie .. he rilly gives Christine Lahtia run for her role he allmost outshined her .. I felt she over acted at the house scean ?? Her tears are To many?? If I see her cry in another movie Ill have to put my Rain boots on ..

Corbin R (fr) wrote: So much potential that wasn't taken advantage of.

Calvin C (fr) wrote: The second Jack Ryan film with Harrison Ford, this one is all political intrigue and drug wars. There so many characters, but most of them aren't interesting enough to care. Willem Dafoe's character is probably the only character, besides Ryan, that stands out. The rescue mission at the end is exciting though, but everything leading up to that is just okay. Grade: B

Terminator 8 (au) wrote: One of the worst comedy's ever!

Sebastian P (br) wrote: Una pelcula bastante atpica que trata los temas de la guerra a lo Tarantino. Una gran historia, muy buena narrativa, buenos dilogos y por sobre todo una gran actuacin por parte de Christoph Waltz

Sam B (ru) wrote: Yep, loved Liam with "a certain set of skills!"