Middle of Nowhere

Middle of Nowhere

The film follows Grace, a young woman whose irresponsible mother blows her college fund on her younger sister's beauty pageant campaign.

An irresponsible mother blows her eldest daughter's college fund on her youngest daughter's modeling campaign. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anders A (fr) wrote: All out, full power house survival in the name of revenge. Energy pumping through your retina, and folding out the deck neatly towards the end.

Najd G (kr) wrote: I'm a Will Forte fan, but this isn't his best work. While I counted 4 or 5 authentic laugh-out-loud moments, most of the movie was filled with over-the-top crass dialogue. Some of it felt so forced that I wonder if the movie was made just because there had been a lot of these crude ideas that would've never been appropriate to air on SNL, and they needed an outlet to purge their most lewd ideas.

Lenard K (nl) wrote: Japanese girls from a coal mining town decide to become hula dancers. Based on a true story, this is a basically standard coal miner's daughter type story that can cross cultures as the character types are relatively universal.

Nancy W (ru) wrote: Excellent acting by Gere and especially Jodie Foster, but it moves too fast with too many unanswered questions. Did Jack really kill the dog? And it could have been more powerful if Orin would have suffered a few consequences for his spiteful actions.Excellent acting by Pullman as well. The ending could have been more... I was left hanging.

Abel D (us) wrote: Fascinating, unsettling and yet touching, Babenco's South American prison drama is a gripping work. Huge props go to our two leads, Hurt and Julia, who perfectly contrast with each other, and have paralleling characters arcs that end in ironic twists.

Katie R (us) wrote: One of the funniest movies of the earl 1940s.

Kyle E (br) wrote: The GOOD: Simple enough plot for a simple enough action movie. The premise (though absurd) is interesting enough to get you excited, but not too convoluted to lose you. I enjoyed the action and the creativity of the badass cars! Also, Tyrese Gibson's performance is rather unexpectedly respectable. The BAD: This movie suffers from a clear lack of budget. Substandard cinematography and poor writing throughout. Also, the movie seemed to take itself a bit too seriously...and not seriously enough at the same time. Statham and Natalie Martinez wanted the movie to be gritty, serious, and grounded. On the flip-side, the acting and writing for Joan Allen's and Clarke's characters are so ridiculously bad, I couldn't tell if the movie was aiming to be humorous! Koehler, the comic relief I suspect, never made me laugh or smile once. Should you see it? Go in with the expectation of seeing of seeing "just another action movie" and walk away feeling moderately satisfied.

Josas G (br) wrote: Brittany Murphy en su mejor papel sin duda, no soy su admirador pero al menos su trabajo la hizo destacar tanto que se dio a conocer, recuerdo que mis amigas veian sus peliculas con gusto, y ahora sera mas conocida tras su muerte pues solo quedan las peliculas en las que ha participado como es esta pelicula, un triler en donde ella interpreta a una chica transtornada cuya mente guarda secretos que son buscados por unos criminales, Michael por su parte busca develar esos secretos ocultos en lo mas recondito de su mente antes de que ellos maten a su esposa e hija. Descanse en paz Brittany Murphy

Sheridan B (mx) wrote: This movie is a funny movie. I watch it almost every time it comes on tv.