Midnight Man

Midnight Man

When the police start a crackdown on Yakuza activities, a killer (James Lew) starts killing the cops forcing a martial-arts officer (Lorenzo Lamas) to fight back. AKA Midnight Man

When the police start a crackdown on Yakuza activities, a killer (James Lew) starts killing the cops forcing a martial-arts officer (Lorenzo Lamas) to fight back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel C (fr) wrote: If you watch this movie stoned, with no expectations...it's GREAT!!! Fun, dumb...hilarious!

Joshua M (it) wrote: This movie needed more of a plot to even be considered watching. The only good part of the movie really is Tom Felton.

Alexander Z (gb) wrote: What I took away from this is don't do porn if you can't mentally handle the demands put on you, and the judgemental assholes you are guaranteed to meet. Some people come out of the industry fine, and some don't.

Kevin N (mx) wrote: Not too bad, a few laughs, actually some decent baseball.

Peter P (jp) wrote: James Spader goes to the Antarctic in search of aliens...he'd have done better going in search of an agent who doesn't put him in drivel like this!!

Chris D (fr) wrote: Okay Disney Classic....

William S (ru) wrote: Wow, I can't believe I am just now rating this, my favorite film of ALL TIME.

Walter M (es) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Lacombe Lucien," it is 1944 in Southwest France where Lucien(Pierre Blaise) works in a nursing home. Given five days off, he returns home to his mother(Gilberte Rivet) and finds things radically changed with his father in a German prison camp. Bored, he tries to sign up with the French resistance but is denied by Robert Peyssac(Jean Bousquet) as being too young. Having no other options, he returns to the nursing home but his bike gets a flat causing him to arrive after dark when he is drawn to a party at a hotel which turns out to be Gestapo headquarters. The German police take a liking to the youth after he turns in Peyssac and is taken to get his first suit.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]Directed by Louis Malle, "Lacombe Lucien" is a chilling look at occupied France where there is a compulsion for the populace to inform on each other. While there may be some easy answers as to why some people would collaborate with the Nazis such as anti-Semitism and anti-Communism(There is a Gestapo member who is black and I would have loved to have heard his story.), Lucien is another matter entirely as his alliance with the Nazis is a matter of circumstance. Apparently, he lacks a conscience and gets a little drunk on whatever power he has. However, as one character puts it, Lucien is somehow not entirely despicable. On the other hand, he is not likable, either.[/font]

Tim R (ag) wrote: Cute. I was surprised to see this was a collaboration effort between Takahata and Miyazaki, finding out this led to the creation of Studio Ghibli and the wonderful works that would follow. I personally found Panda! Go Panda! to be more comical than Totoro but sadly had one of the top worst English dubs I have heard. The baby panda has some memorable cute animations throughout that made the movie more than worth it!

MaryJane D (it) wrote: this movie often found in lists as "one of the best made ever" but its not about technics (is such a experimental movie) i dont think theres a movie ever made with more subliminar meanings than this one. it is a perfect critizism to brasilian poliction and society. and even if you don't know so much about how the things are in brasil, you still can enjoy this movie in a fiction look... the narrative is not linear, the poetry in always present and so strong, the characters have so good structure... i think it is worths it to watched how many times i have to understand it, because its just greeeeeat! well... it is a master piece!

Jillian L (ca) wrote: I think the big question here is: Should On the Road (the Jack Kerouac novel of the same name) have been adapted to a movie? Was it even possible to be adapted into a movie? Jose Rivera gave it valiant effort, and his influence is present alongside Kerouac's, but why? Lovers of the book are probably yelling at me through their screens right now, but to me, this was really meandering and scattered. Which. Yes. I know they were beatniks, that was kind of the point, but I don't think it necessarily made for a compelling movie. All that being said, it's really pretty. All of the different places you see them in are gorgeous and really well shot. Also, the cast list alone is insanely impressive, considering most of them pop in for a scene or two and then you never see them again (Specifically Amy Adams. I loved her part. Something completely different from her.) You could tell the whole ensemble was really into it, which made this watchable. I think this is one of Kristen Stewart's better performances, (it's also stated that this is one of her favorite books so that might have something to do with it) and I think Garrett Hedlund is really underrated. So, if you're a big Kerouac fan, you might get more out of this than I did, but other than that, this is just ok.

Guilherme N (de) wrote: Five stars to actors, design and artistic direction. But I don't understand this new american cinema, dedicated to almost-stories of bourgeois nostalgic uninteresting politically correct (disguised as politically incorrect) memories. It is beautiful though.