Midnight Movie

Midnight Movie

In the 1970's, a slasher flick was released named The Dark Beneath. The director and star of the movie Ted Radford suffers a mental breakdown and is admitted to a psychiatric ward. His doctor attempts to cure him by showing him his movie, which he is obsessed with. Dr. Wayne, a psychiatrist, is skeptical about this idea, but leaves for the night. When he comes back the next morning, its a bloodbath, however none of the bodies were recovered. The film changes to five years later at local theater where a midnight horror movie being shown is The Dark Beneath, the first time the movie has been shown since the murders

A midnight showing of an early 1970's horror movie turns to chaos when the Killer from the movie comes out of the film to attack those in the theater. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corpse M (us) wrote: i remember liking the first laid to rest movie because the kills were so over the top that they had me cheering. so for the second one i was definatly looking forward to that however the movie comes off as quite boring and none of the kills besides maybe one were as over the top as in the origonal. I also didnt really find anything at all memorable from this installment either so all in all it was a bit of a let down, with that said however you could definatly get way worse horror movies out there and you wouldnt be absolulty dissapointed if you picked up chromeskull, you just probably wont be totaly satisfied.

Martin F (ca) wrote: Really great story about a religious coming of age teen who questions his faith for the love of another of same sex. They found love.

Angel W (nl) wrote: it is such a cute movie

Don H (us) wrote: This is not meant to be a 'horror' movie. Much deeper than that. In the current political climate this is especially good. By being especially horrible. Turn your brain on and watch this good flic.

Aragorn K (ru) wrote: The first part of this movie, I found myself thinking, "Wow. This is as badly written as a Nicholas Sparks movie." Well, you can imagine my complete lack of surprise when I looked it up, only to discover that, yes, it was as badly written as a Nicholas Sparks movie--because it IS one. The only things this movie had going for it were the talent and beauty of Britt Robertson and a chance to see Peter Jurasik in something after Babylon 5.

Koldo E (mx) wrote: The right atmosphere is created, but it fails to deliver a good thrill. It kept me all movie long expecting for something to happen, and it did, the ending credits happened.