It is known in our neighborhood that Moya is afraid to die. He talks about his fears.

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  • Director:Alberto Yoel
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It is known in our neighborhood that Moya is afraid to die. He talks about his fears. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gonalo C (mx) wrote: the movie isn't over but I already got pisssed. it starts good, I was enjoying it. it's creepy and new. but... this is were I got irritated.if you are a doing a documentary. you do. not. get. involved. plain and simple. the guy who wanted to help the little girl is off his element! because he's a touchy pussy his friends are getting screwed. jackass.

Matty S (de) wrote: Interesting, but poorly paced and under-financed.

John K (it) wrote: After being shown up by a young man at a gentleman's club, 3 aging high society types agree to help the man with a ritual of black magic. The ritual ends up killing the young man and bringing Dracula back to life and Christopher Lee shows up once again as Hammer's favorite prince of darrkness. Unfortunately for them, the man they helped kill was one of Dracula's servants, so Dracula decides to use the men's own children to get his revenge. This 1970 Hammer horror is a compelling story with good performances from the supporting cast and the usual brilliance from Lee. Even without Peter Cushing this one ends up being on the upper end of the Hammer series and is engaging enough to be considered a must-see for Dracula fans. With these earlier films the most important element is the strength of story and that's where Taste the Blood of Dracula stands out from the crowd.

Angela A (kr) wrote: Greek-style tragedy with amazing editing and amazing narrative force, but ultimately a bleak ending that means you shouldn't watch this when depressed. One of the few times I've disliked Toshiro's character.

Kamarul A (fr) wrote: This is such a terrible, terrible, terrible movie.

Kenneth L (jp) wrote: Knowing full well it was damn wrong I still felt a great deal of satisfaction everytime the protagonist put down a bad guy as vengeance for &/or defense of his family.

Jimmy H (kr) wrote: For hardcore baseball junkies. For an hour and a half, Kevin Coster along with some baseball legends explain how to throw and how to hit a fastball. Actually it's very educational and interesting.